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Drive ROI from your podcast

Creating a quality podcast is time consuming. And producing that high-value, shareable content has to be your priority.

But to achieve the return on investment you need from your show, your audience needs to build faster - and that comes from consitent, systemised promotion.

The problem is, well written show notes and blog posts, scheduling social posts, influencer outreach, newsletter copy, proper cross-platform distribution, and SEO takes just as much time (if not more) as producing the podcast in the first place!

Let us use our proven systems to promote your podcast, so that you can focus on creating awesome content.

"Lower Street's promotion service is a no-brainer for any podcaster looking to grow their audience. They've had a huge impact on our show and we haven't had to think about promotion once." Liam Fahy, Boomwa.

Grow your podcast audience

A proven system for growth

Lower Street's promotion service is designed to make podcasting effective and valuable for marketers and business owners.

Using our proven system and dedicated team of writers, editors, and content marketers, we ensure every base is consistently covered for each and every episode.

Our refined process ensures your content is delivered to the people that need to find it. All written in your voice, for your audience.

Grow your podcast audience

Covering all the bases

It doesn't stop at show notes. We get the basics right and more.

That includes uploading your podcast to your media host, long-form blog posts targeting relevant keywords for SEO, making sure it's heard by distributing it across all relevant platforms (including YouTube and SoundCloud), guest and influencer outreach as well as pitching to you as a guest to appear on other relevant podcasts - a key growth strategy.

The full service includes:

  • Show notes
  • Blog article (~1,250 words)
  • Custom featured image for each blog post
  • Content upgrade (see below)
  • Setup in your blog
  • Social media posts
  • Email newsletter
  • Multiplatform distribution
  • Pitching for appearances on other podcasts
  • Submit feed to 35+ directories
Grow your podcast audience

Driving ROI from podcasting

Podcasting is a big investment of time and resources. Whether you're looking for new clients, email subscribers or sponsorship, we make sure your show delivers the return you need.

To gain sponsorship, typically advertisers look for shows with 10,000 downloads per episode or more. For some niche topics, this can be lower, but generally if sponsorship is your aim, we focus on getting to critical mass and then reach out to potential partners for you.

If getting more subscribers into your sales funnel is the priority, we double down on creating content upgrades. A content upgrade is a downloadable resource (which we create) that listeners can access by opting into your email list.

An email opt-in is added to every blog post, which dramatically increases signups to your list.

  • Focus on audience growth
  • Sponsor outreach (if applicable)
  • Custom-designed PDF resource
  • Email capture for each blog post/episode
  • Email marketing tool integration (Drip, Mailchimp, ConvertKit etc.)

"Lower Street have been amazing. We'd dabbled in podcasting before, but didn't have the time or resources to get it done. We've had an awesome response to the show and all we had to do was record the interviews - they did the rest. We'll be using them to release season 2 very soon!" Charlie Wright, Hopeful Traders.

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To chat about your existing podcast or one you will be launching and how we can help, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.

Got Questions?

What happens after I purchase?

After you request a consultation above, one of the team will be in touch via email within 1 business day to arrange a time to chat about your business and you new or existing podcast. From there we get your first episode with us in the calendar and get to work!

How quickly do you turn episodes around?

We promise to have everything ready to publish within 72 hours of receiving the episode files from you. We understand that consistency in when you publish is key.

How many episodes do the monthly packages cover?

Our monthly packages cover weekly episodes - so a max of 5 per month.

What if I have a bi-weekly or even daily show?

No problem! Just get in touch with us to discuss a custom package based on the regularity of your episodes.

Can you help me setup my new show?

For sure! Lots of our clients have never podcasted before, we can guide you through the process of getting started. Or, depending on your plan, we'll do it all for you!

Where should I host my podcast?

If you're starting a new podcast, that's something we can set up for you. There's loads of options, but we personally use Libsyn and SoundCloud.

Can I speak to someone before purchasing?

Definitely! Just request a consultation here and we'll get back to you to organise a time to talk - typically within a day.

Where is your team based?

We're a remote team - our headquarters is currently in London. We work with freelance producers/editors who work on podcasts for the BBC, The Guardian, and others. We have writers, editors, and managers based in the US and UK, and assistants and designers from across Asia and Europe.

How will I communicate with you?

For the most part, we'll stay in touch by email. We start things off with Skype calls to get a full understanding of your show and your business and to set everything up. From there, we can stay in touch purely on email, or with regular calls. Whatever you'd prefer.

Can you advise me on the equipment I need?

Absolutely! We've got some resources to help with that coming soon, but until then, get in touch with us and we'll happily walk you through what you need to achieve the best sound within your budget. If you're based in the UK, we can even hire out equipment to save you the hassle and expense of purchasing! Just ask us about it.

I've got more questions

No problem! Request a consultation here and we'll get back to you within 1 business day to arrange a suitable time to have a chat and answer any questions you have.

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