Audio editor

Come and work on some of the best B2B podcasts

About the role
Passionate about podcasts? Here's what we're looking for...

Edit, mix, and master industry-leading business podcasts with our global team of audio pros.

Are you into listening to hours of business and marketing podcasts every day? Do you derive satisfaction from making an interview 10 minutes shorter and 10 times better, or sweating the finer details of a crossfade? Do you think a spectrogram is a thing of beauty?

Is making the absolute best sounding interview podcast something you get excited about?

If so, we have the job for you.

Lower Street is a podcasting company that works with agencies, consultants, and enterprises to make amazing shows.

From concept to distribution, we help clients to develop their ideas into fully fledged podcasts. And it's really fun.

About the position

In this role, you’ll be cutting tape on interview-based podcasts.

In some cases, a producer will be working on the show, making editorial calls on the content and your job will be to finesse those edits, work on pacing, music, and ads, before mixing and mastering.

On other shows, you'll be responsible for everything from cleaning and treating audio, to making edits for content, structure and pacing, to the final master.

We're not looking for a human 'um' remover, but someone who really wants to get deep into the content they're working on.

And you'll have a team around to support you. This role sits directly with our lead sound designer and our growing team of producers, content manager, and CEO. We foster a collaborative culture and work together to make sure everything we put out is the absolute best it can be.

Not sure which direction to go in with an edit? Can't decide which VO take sounds the best? Want someone to check over your mix? The team is here to bounce ideas off and help each other out.

We're invested in long-term development of our audio editors and of the work we do for our clients. As we continue to grow there will be opportunity to work on bigger and more involved projects.

You'll be

  • Allocated a regular roster of client shows to work on - some weekly, some twice weekly, some bi-weekly
  • Editing interview podcasts - sometimes with edit notes, sometimes without
  • Taking exports from Descript and cleaning up the edits in Pro Tools
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Coordinating recordings, audio files, session files, scripts and documents with the team
  • Working with the sound designer to support on occasional projects outside you're standard set of shows
  • Working in Pro Tools (maybe Reaper), iZotope RX, and Descript

You'll have

  • Extensive experience editing podcasts
  • A great ear and an ability to mix and master your own work
  • The ability to listen to raw tape and pick out the most engaging, important, informative pieces to form a story that educates, inspires, and entertains the audience
  • The ability to work to deadlines so that shows never miss schedule
  • A critical eye and a close attention to detail
  • Amazing communication skills

Pro Tools users are much preferred, but not necessarily a complete dealbreaker. For the right person, we can work with Reaper, too. But if your DAW is Audacity, this isn't a fit for us I'm afraid, same for Audition, Logic, etc as we need to be able to share projects and collaborate across the team.

This is a fully remote position open to anyone in the US, UK or EU timezones.

About Lower Street

Podcasting for brands is all we do, and we love it.

We're a small, fully remote, boutique agency serving global clients. With a UK HQ, our team is spread over the world.

We're focused on 2 things:

  1. Making the best podcasts we possibly can, and
  2. Continually learning and improving on what we do - both individually and as a team.

Learn more about us at

How to apply

Sound like a fit? We'd love to hear from you.

To apply please email harry [at] with your resume and cover letter. Please include "Audio editor application" in the subject line and a link to your LinkedIn profile in the body of the email (like: These are both important to ensure you make it through our automated filters.

If that all looks good, you'll be emailed a link to our application form which has a few questions for you.