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Accelerating Thought Leadership Through Podcasting: The Zühlke Journey

How Market Understanding and Diverse Guest Choices Sent Data Today to the Top of the Apple Podcast Charts.


In a tech-driven world short on attention and long on the desire for engagement and narrative, podcasting is an effective and increasingly popular medium. 

For Zühlke, adding a podcast to their marketing arsenal has proven to be a successful addition Within three months of launching, Data Today had amassed 35,000+ downloads and shot to the top of the Apple Podcasts charts in its niche.

Taking an open-minded approach to the guest-selection process and doubling down on output have both played a significant role in their success so far. However, the key to the process was performing a full audit to understand the competitive landscape and determine relevant topics.

Our case study unpacks the trajectory of Data Today’s remarkable achievement in such a short span of time. Specifically, it looks at how Zühlke effectively exploited the power of podcasting to enhance brand awareness and expand on their thought leadership within the engineering and innovation space.

Key Highlights

  1. Zühlke was inspired by the popularity of podcasting and decided to expand their thought leadership strategy on a new channel. 

  2. With their competitors already present on the podcasting scene, Zühlke needed an excellent product and a partner that could deliver a higher quality and more engaging show. 

  3. Lower Street helped Data Today break through the noise by doing an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape and encouraging a creative approach to guest selection.

  4. Zühlke’s most unconventional guest (handpicked by Lower Street for exactly that reason) became a standout episode, drawing a large audience  

  5. The results have far exceeded expectations, with the show reaching 35,000+ downloads and ranking #1 in Technology on Apple Podcasts within the first three months.

Part 1: The Problem

While white papers and other long-form written content served them well in the past, Zühlke was inspired by the popularity of podcasting and decided to expand their thought leadership on a new channel.

Podcasting has the potential to inspire and motivate people in a more engaging way than written content. Our podcast has demonstrated an impressive reach, surpassing the download and consumption numbers we initially expected.

Isobel Pearce, UK Marketing Manager at Zühlke Group

Given that their competitors had already established themselves in this space, Zühlke knew they needed to create a truly excellent product if they were to have any hope of rivaling the opposition.

We recognized that we lacked internal expertise in podcast production, and it was clear from the outset that we needed to work with an external agency.

Isobel Pearce, UK Marketing Manager at Zühlke Group

With clear objectives to drive brand awareness and reinforce their thought leadership, Zühlke knew they needed a partner who could help them break through the noise and bring something different and creative to the podcasting space.

We want to be seen as a company that champions innovation, and creating content through channels like podcasting demonstrates that.

Isobel Pearce, UK Marketing Manager at Zühlke Group

The competitive analysis conducted by Lower Street provided Zühlke with an eye-opening view of the podcasting landscape, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of their competitors and identify opportunities for differentiation. 

Gauging the progress of their podcast came down to quantitative statistics such as engagement, consumption, and downloads. From this vantage point, Data Today delivered and then some, amassing over 35,000 downloads in 3 months.

The success we achieved with the podcast exceeded our expectations, fueling our spirit and desire to continue with this platform.

Isobel Pearce, UK Marketing Manager at Zühlke Group

Part 2: The Solution

Zühlke looked for a partner to work with and ended up speaking with three different agencies. Their decision to go with Lower Street was largely based on our B2B experience, focus, and a strong cultural fit between the teams.

We chose to work with an agency experienced in B2B because we recognized that the audience is different.

Isobel Pearce, UK Marketing Manager at Zühlke Group

Zühlke came to the table with a detailed and precise brief outlining their objectives and vision for the show. Working closely with them, we got to work on refining and reshaping the concept to fit the podcasting medium. 

Starting with a deep-dive audit to understand the competitive landscape and find relevant topics, our team then focused on finding the right caliber of guests. 

Dan Klein, the host of Data Today, has an extensive network that we tapped into, allowing us to compile a hit list of potential charismatic experts who would make for great guests.

Working with Lower Street helped inform our guest speaker selection and shaped the type of content and conversations we wanted to have.

Isobel Pearce, UK Marketing Manager at Zühlke Group

Zühlke also reaped the added benefits of using the podcast as a way to engage with prospective clients. By inviting a lead onto the show, they introduced an innovative touchpoint in the sales cycle

This not only provided the lead with an opportunity to share their insights but also deepened their relationship with Zühlke.

The podcast has added another touchpoint in the sales cycle and may contribute to retention and nurturing. Having this podcast as an additional channel has proven beneficial in attracting both clients and talent.

Isobel Pearce, UK Marketing Manager at Zühlke Group

The result of our joint efforts is Data Today with Dan Klein, a biweekly podcast that showcases Zühlke's thought leadership and explores cutting-edge topics in the data science and engineering space. 

Featuring inspiring guests from diverse fields and industries, listeners get an up-close look at how these individuals are transforming the way they work with data to realize their greatest opportunities.

As part of the solution, Lower Street emphasized the importance of maintaining a regular release cadence for the podcast. 

The recommendation from Lower Street to launch episodes every two weeks was eye-opening, as it ensured better engagement, loyalty, and following.

Isobel Pearce, UK Marketing Manager at Zühlke Group

In addition to podcast production, we also supported Zühlke with promotional efforts to create buzz around the show. Employing a mix of marketing strategies to promote the campaign effectively across mainstream platforms including Apple Podcasts.

Part 3: The Outcome

The launch of Zühlke's podcast, Data Today, turned out to be a resounding triumph, surpassing all expectations and yielding impressive benefits for the company. 

To date, the podcast has enjoyed extraordinary audience engagement, with an abundance of downloads, impressive subscriber growth, and a wave of positive feedback. It provided an innovative, effective channel with a consistent audience and high volumes of engagement. 

With its increased listenership and newly secured #1 rank on Apple Podcast's Technology charts, Data Today now has a flurry of influential thought leaders looking to be featured on the show.

All of this has cemented the podcast’s validity and fueled Zühlke's motivation to continue investing in this medium. However, the accomplishment wasn’t only external but also echoed within the company. 

Internally, there is growing interest and momentum due to the success and recognition we have achieved with the podcast.

Isobel Pearce, UK Marketing Manager at Zühlke Group

Strategic guest selection has certainly played a significant part in the show’s rapid advancement. Lower Street pushed the envelope, coming up with a few creative choices that initially raised some apprehension with Zühlke. We convinced them to take a creative leap of faith and it paid off.

While a guest from the Getty Institute seemed out of place at first because it’s not entirely focused on data, we trusted the advice provided by our producer at Lower Street and it turned out to be one of our most successful episodes.

Isobel Pearce, UK Marketing Manager at Zühlke Group

Moreover, inviting a business lead onto the show contributed to converting them into a client, serving as an efficient touchpoint in the sales cycle.

The podcast has not only unlocked business opportunities but also attracted talent, contributing to Zühlke's growing reputation. With the overwhelmingly positive progress of the podcast, the company has decided to scale its podcasting efforts.

Aside from quantitative metrics, we also observed qualitative measures, such as positive feedback and requests from agents to have their thought leaders as guests on our podcast

Isobel Pearce, UK Marketing Manager at Zühlke Group

Moving forward, Zühlke plans to expand the teams involved, making podcasting more central to their strategy, a clear testament to the transformative impact of their foray into the medium.

In the second season, we are considering introducing a visual element to the podcast and aiming for a more international and creative approach.

Isobel Pearce, UK Marketing Manager at Zühlke Group


The Zühlke journey tells a compelling story about the transformative power a podcast can wield when leveraged with a clear vision and a solid understanding of the competitive landscape.

In the realm of podcasting, success transcends mere download numbers. It's about captivating your audience with valuable engagements and delivering content they find both enriching and engaging. 

Data Today exemplifies this approach, with its impressive performance metrics further amplifying its victory.

Compared to traditionally static content like white papers , a podcast is an evergreen and democratic medium. It offers a dynamic way to connect with audiences, allowing for a continuous refresh of content and ideas. 

While the promotional campaign undoubtedly played a big part in Data Today's gains, taking a laser-focused approach to guest selection, topic discovery, and understanding of the competitive landscape was equally crucial.

This underscores the point that promotional tactics, while vital, cannot maintain sustainable progress without a high-quality, enticing offering. From content to guest choice, every facet of the podcast has been honed to perfection, creating a product worthy of promotion. 

Data Today’s results stand as proof of these efforts.

Ready to catapult your thought leadership and brand visibility? Reach out to discover how we can help you turn your podcast into your success story.

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