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Gold Award at Corporate Content Awards

Q1 2023
Gold Award for Best Use of Audio or Podcast at the Corporate Content Awards 2023.

2x Gold Awards at W3 Awards

Q3 2022
Gold Awards for Best Branded Podcast and Best Mini-series at the W3 Awards.

>$1MM Revenue Generated

2022 YTD
Over 1 million dollars in new business revenue generated by a client podcast.

#1 Ranked Business Podcast

Q3 2022
Client show ranked top in the Apple Podcasts Business charts in Australia and #14 in All Podcasts category in Australia.

10x ROI

Q3 2022
Client show has delivered 10x ROI over the lifetime of the podcast

#1 Ranked Marketing Podcast

Q2 2022
Client show ranked top in the Apple Podcasts Marketing charts in the US and #7 in the UK

Gold Award for Best Branded Content

Q2 2022
At the Corporate Content Awards, client show picked up Gold for Best Branded Content as well as Highly Commended in other categories.

Best in Show Award at W3 2021

Q3 2021
Best in Show for Podcast Features-Best Series at the 2021 W3 awards. The same podcast also won Gold for Best Series-Technology.

250k+ Total Downloads

Q2 2022
Client podcast hit over 250,000 downloads

152% Increase in Followers

Q2 2022
Client podcast saw significant growth in subscribers thanks to our targeted promotion campaign

A Few of the Brands We Work With
Stanford Seed
Cadence Bank
Trane Technologies
Right Source Marketing
Civic Entertainment
Beanstack / Zoobean
DBT Labs
Luck Companies
Zinda Law
Heights Braincare
Wing VC
Twilio Segment
CMR Surgical
Zühlke Engineering
Northern Trust

Case Studies


How Rankings is Getting a 10x ROI From Podcasting With Lower Street

See the case study

Samples and Testimonials

The Unicorn Launcher from EdTech startup Vygo hit #1 in the business charts shortly after launch and won industry awards. Check out the 2min trailer ⬆️

"Harry and the team are professional, knowledgeable and friendly. But perhaps more importantly though, the output they produce is exceptional."

Michael Bird, Digital Marketing Manager at HPE and host of Technology Untangled

Narrative storytelling with HPE: Technology Untangled

Technology Untangled was awarded Best In Show for Podcast Series-Best Show at the 2021 W3 Awards. It also picked up Gold in the General Series-Technology category.

Grit & Growth won Gold for Best branded content publication at the Corporate Content Awards 2022

Award Winner: Stanford Graduate School of Business

I’ve definitely got a ten times return on my investment. There’s no question that it works. Many, many of our leads tell us, ‘I heard about you from your podcast. I’m a serial listener and I love your show.’

When I factor in the costs of what it would take to get this level of expertise in-house, it’s a non-starter. Absolutely go with Lower Street. They are the best."

Chris Dreyer CEO,

10x ROI: PIMM from

"I'm an NPS 10 customer.The editorial team makes producing narrative-style podcasts easy and saves me a ton of time. How to Win podcast comes up all the time in people's favorite podcast lists."

Peep Laja, Founder of Wynter, CXL, and Speero

Competing in SaaS: How to Win

"Lower Street has been a great partner; super knowledgeable, extremely professional and always delivering beyond expectations. They have been patient with our internal processes, resourceful and willing to think outside the box, and always produce an exceptional product."

Dawn McAbee, Content Marketing Director at FIS

Thought leadership with FIS: Financial Futures

“You’re going to want to put out good content from day one. I would describe Lower Street as the go-to place to get your podcast made and get out there.”

Rich Martell, Co-Founder, Secret Leaders & Kingling Media

#1 ranking business podcast in the UK: Secret Leaders

“I was driving the process to really create this podcast from scratch, never having done it before. And I realized that this was something that we definitely needed help with so that it didn't sound like I was recording from my home office, and that it sounded like a Fortune 500 podcast. Lower Street made us sound very professional.They ended up being a great partner and guiding me from what equipment I needed, to answering my stupid questions, and helping me through the process.”

Bridget Bell, Head of Marketing at Leidos

Thought leadership from Leidos: MindSET

The Lower Street team guided us from end-to-end; with insightful consultation as we built plans for our podcast debut, all the way through skilled editing, production and promotion. They made us sound great.

Susan Cleveland, Director, Executive and Employee Communications, Trane Technologies

“Our CEO jokes that we were the last people on the entire Internet to do a podcast. But really what was holding us back was was the ability to execute it correctly, and execute it in the best way, and make it the best podcast ever. We had really been searching for that partner who could take us to the next level . We don't currently have that kind of expertise in house. So it was really important for us to have somebody that we could work with that shared the same values as us, that was speedy, that was focused on quality over everything.

We hired Harry to be the expert in sound quality and engineering. He gave us a whole list of equipment to buy, helped us by giving instructions to guests, gave us scripts to string everything together, and even told us we needed a ‘sonic identity’. I said, ‘Whatever that is, I want one.’”

Hannah Doksansky, Head of Marketing, Crisp Video

Creating a best-in-class interview show with The Game Changing Attorney

This was a fully fledged, feet-on-the-ground production in partnership with Urban&Civic for their Wintringham development. The goal was to engage the local community in the Wintringham project, with 1000s of new homes being build in the town of St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

The podcast told the stories behind the history, ecology, and communities of the area and how the new development is contributing to those.

Urban&Civic were so happy with the result that we're now working on a second series focussing on another of their developments in Cambridgeshire.

Community engagement with Urban&Civic: Wintringham 2020

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