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"The support that Lower Street have provided has been first rate. For me the real benefit has been what the team have been able to achieve on production - which far exceeds what we would have been able to achieve on our own. We're delighted with how the episodes have turned out so far and would recommend Lower Street without hesitation." Will Bugler, Director at Acclimatise and host of This New Climate

Outsource podcast editing and focus on what you do best

The difference between a well edited podcast and a poorly edited one is huge.

It's not just about the length of your episodes (though, that's important) and it's more than simply removing 'um's and 'ya know's. It's about delivering content to your listeners in the most engaging, entertaining, or informative way possible.

But editing an interview into a concise, impactful, entertaining finished product is time consuming and hard! Time you don't have, in a practice that's not your core competency.

Lower Street's premium podcast editing services save you time and result in a better podcast that stands out from the crowd.

podcast strategy


Record your interview and upload your audio to our drive.

podcast production, editing, and distribution


We edit your podcast into a finished mp3 ready for listening.

internal communications podcast


We deliver your podcast episode as the best version of itself. Either we distribute it or you do.

"I haven't launched a podcast before and needed a partner who could help us along every step of the journey. Lower Street have coached us through recording a great interview and produced a show that sounds professional right out of the gate. Maintaining the high standards we have for our brand in this new medium was very important to us, and we're super happy with what Lower Street has helped us to communicate through the podcast. I can't recommend Harry and his team enough!" Zach DeWitt, partner at and host of InnovAitors

What do we actually do?

Depending on the kind of show you want to create and the level of service you choose, there are three options with varying podcast editing rates.

  1. The tidy and polish

This is our basic podcast editing service. We'll clean your audio up, remove any mistakes, offensive 'ums', or long pauses. Then we'll add your intros and outros, music, and any sponsorship messages if you have them, before mixing your audio professionally to give it that extra polish ready for distribution. We don't get into the detail of the content itself at this level.

  1. Collaborative edit

In this process, we take your finished interview recording and transcribe it using AI powered software. We'll then send this over to you to make notes. You can highlight sections of audio that you would like to cut, make notes on segments you would like to reorder (changing the timeline of your interview to alter your story's narrative can massively affect the story's impact), and give us a head start on cutting down your interview to a good final length. We take those notes and compile and mix the finished episode.

  1. Comprehensive content edit

We make all the creative decisions for you. Restructuring your episode to flow seamlessly, tell a story, and retain attention throughout. It can also include sound design - adding music and sound effects to embellish the narrative in various ways. This makes for the most professional end product, and is always most effective if we are involved from the pre-production stages, helping to research and craft the interview, plan in additional narration, and more. If you really want your podcast to stand out and provide maximum value to listeners, this is the one for you.

It doesn't stop at audio

Your podcast is more than just an mp3. You need quality show notes to be discovered in podcatcher apps and in a Google search.

You need content for social media to share your podcast with the world. And you'll need a strategy to distribute and promote your content to grow your audience.

Don't worry, we have packages for that.

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    All our services have a minimum turnaround time of seven days to ensure maximum quality and that we never miss a deadline. They also all include one round of amendments after your review.


    Just the podcast audio editing service. You send us the audio and we provide you with a professionally edited and mixed podcast ready for you to distribute and promote.


    With our standard service, we edit your podcast, write the show notes to accompany it and take care of distribution - upload everything to your media host and add the episode to your website. This is a hands off service - once you've recorded your interview, you send us the audio and know that everything through to publication is taken care of.


    For those that want a podcast that's best-in-class. We work with you from pre-production through to amplification. On a basic level this includes the audio editing, show notes, social media assets and more scheduled for you. But under the surface this can include help with researching and booking guests, interview planning, script writing, content editing, sound design, long form blog posts and other forms of repurposing your content as well as a full growth plan for your podcast executed by your in-house team or ours.

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    Average cost for podcast editing services

    The cost of having your podcast edited can vary widely depending on a few factors including

    The general rule of thumb: you get what you pay for.

    There are editors out there who can do a reasonable job on a simple clean up for under $50 per episode. But that means filtering through a lot of freelancer profiles on Upwork to find the right person (which inevitably requires a lot of trial and error), coordinating the edit with them each week, and a ton of back-and-forth.

    And if you want anything any more advanced in terms of editing for content and narrative, the rate will increase dramatically and will need a lot more work from you to get the result you're looking for. You can expect a professional editor with NPR, BBC, or equivalent experience to take a day to do a full edit of your podcast with day rates starting at $350+.

    Still want to edit your podcast yourself? Read our guide on how to edit a podcast here.

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