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"We're super happy with what Lower Street has helped us to communicate through the podcast. I can't recommend them enough!" Zach DeWitt, Partner at Wing Venture Capital and host of InnovAitors

Podcasts are more than just audio

Quality show notes are more than a compliment to your perfectly produced and edited audio. They are vital to a show's success. For many podcasters, they are a time-consuming afterthought. But done right, they can provide more value to your listeners and do more for you, the host, as well. Here's how.

Good show notes can grow your show and increase ROI

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They make your show visible

To be found in Apple Podcast, Spotify, or the search of any podcast app, you need episode titles and show notes that adequately touch on the keywords your target audience are using to find the content they want.

Much the same as traditional SEO, think about what your audience is likely to be searching for and make sure to use these words and phrases in your show notes.

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They convert

More than just showing up in search results, your show notes should convert this search traffic into listeners.

By pitching the value of each episode to the target listener, your episode titles and show summary should quickly grab attention, tease what's inside, and convince your new discoverer that the audio version is worth investing their time in.

It's then your job to convert those new listeners into subscribers.

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They drive leads and sales

Whether your podcast is a marketing channel for your business, or it *is* your business, giving your audience the opportunity to take the next step and engage with you further is a must.

You're providing a ton of value to your audience, this is your chance to get something in return. Strong, clear calls to action will funnel your most engaged listeners towards that next step.

They provide value

Your podcast is about providing your target audience with valuable information or entertainment. Show notes is the resource needed to point them towards additional resources, highlight particular points in your story, or provide additional supporting information.

They aren't meant to be three sentence summaries, they can become full fledged blog posts. Which leads us to SEO...

They fuel on-page SEO

We touched on search within podcast apps, but Google is another huge part of discovery for your show. Not only that, but a podcast can be a super efficient way to grow organic traffic to your website for terms relevant to your products or services.

In the same way that you do keyword research when writing a blog post, search engine optimization should be a core part of every podcast episode you produce.

If you repurpose your podcast to YouTube, that's another important search engine to think about, too.

They become social content

Quotes from your guests, key takeaways or nuggets of wisdom are all ideal content for sharing on social.

These can take the form of standard text posts, images, or audiograms - preferably a mixture of all three.

"Harry and the team are professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Perhaps more importantly though, the output they produce is exceptional." Michael Bird, digital marketing manager at Softcat and host of ExplainIT

Our process

Our team of writers with proven systems and processes has you covered every step of the way. From keyword research and conversion copy to search-engine optimization and social posts, all tailored to your audience, with providing maximum ROI (whatever that looks like for your business) at the forefront.

We can even help with topic planning, guest booking, and pre-production research.

Podcasting is all we do, day in day out. For reliable, consistent, best-in-class show notes, Lower Street has you covered.

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