That One Case

From tales of triumph over governments to legal life-lessons, lawyers tell us their candid tales of That One Case.

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That One Case

Thrown In The Deep End: Susan Kalra

Episode 12: Susan Kalra • 26-02-2021
In this episode, we speak with Susan Kalra of Mahamedi IP Law. Mahamedi Law are based in Northern California and are specialists in intellectual property with a large focus on patent law. Here, Susan serves as General Counsel and represents businesses in a range of matters and also prov...
That One Case

Looks Are Everything: Kenneth Levine

Episode 11: Kenneth Levine • 24-02-2021
In this episode, we speak with Kenneth Levine of Kenneth M. Levine & Associates. Kenneth and his firm are specialists in medical negligence, especially in the area of newborn injuries. More recently, Kenneth has channeled his years of courtroom experience toward the silver screen, actin...
That One Case

Giving Victims a Voice: Ian Alexander, Goldberg & Goldberg

Episode 10: Ian Alexander • 22-02-2021
In this episode, we speak with Ian Alexander, partner at Goldberg & Goldberg. Ian focuses on representing clients that have suffered catastrophic injuries in a variety of practice areas from medical malpractice to aviation liability. During his time at Goldberg & Goldberg, Ian has helpe...
That One Case

Champions of Efficiency: Bridgette Ferraro, iCopy

Episode 9: Bridgette Ferraro • 19-02-2021
On today's show, we talk with Bridgette Ferraro, CEO of iCopy. iCopy is a "by attorneys, for attorneys" document retrieval and subpoena preparation service that has been helping lawyers find the records they need for over 10 years. Join us as Bridgette shares with us the story of one o...
That One Case

Lawyer to the Stars: Jon Pfeiffer

Episode 8: Jon Pfeiffer • 17-02-2021
In today's episode, we talk with Jon Pfeiffer, founder of Pfeiffer Law in Santa Monica, California. Jon's work focuses largely on the entertainment industry and copyright law, and over the last few years he has been a pioneer in influencer representation. Jon is also an adjunct professo...
That One Case

Second Time's A Charm: Jordan Couch

Episode 7: Jordan Couch • 15-02-2021
In today's episode, we talk with Jordan Couch, Partner at Palace Law. For the last five years, Jordan has specialized in workers' compensation cases and has made a name for himself championing the rights of those injured in the workplace. In this episode, Jordan shares the story of his...
That One Case

The Four-Year Case: Jodi Morales

Episode 6: Jodi Morales • 12-02-2021
In today's episode, we talk with Jodi Morales of The Law Offices of Jodi Morales. Jodi is a New York-based lawyer specializing in criminal defense, false arrests, and appeals. Jodi has been helping clients for over a decade and focuses on helping her clients understand their rights whil...
That One Case

Con Gone Wrong: Michael Raichelson

Episode 5: Michael Raichelson • 10-02-2021
In today's episode, we talk with Michael Raichelson, principal of the Law Offices of Michael H. Raichelson. Michael and his firm are specialists in complex collection litigation and have represented clients throughout the United States in both state and federal courts. Join us as Micha...
That One Case

Trial By Fire: Larry Forman "The DUI Guy"

Episode 4: Larry Forman • 09-02-2021
Larry Forman, better known as the DUI Guy, is an attorney and owner of Forman & Associates. Larry and his firm specialize in DUIs, criminal law and car accidents. He has been recognized by SuperLawyers as a Rising Star for 5 years running and in his career he has had numerous DUI charge...
That One Case

Harnessing the Power of Storytelling in the Courtroom: Kevin Mayer

Episode 2: Kevin Mayer • 06-02-2021
Kevin Mayer is a toxic tort specialist with over 25 years' experience in the courtroom. Kevin has spent his career surrounding himself with the best scientists and doctors in order to learn the intricacies of each case he takes on. This has resulted in innumerable trial wins and multipl...