That One Case

From tales of triumph over governments to legal life-lessons, lawyers tell us their candid tales of That One Case.

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That One Case

Skills All Family Lawyers Should Possess: Lisa Zeiderman

Episode 3: Lisa Zeiderman • 06-02-2021
Lisa Zeiderman is managing partner at Miller Zeiderman LLP. She is a family law attorney and divorce financial analyst whose area of practice focuses heavily on financial and custody divorce matters for high-net-worth clients.Join us as Lisa tells us the story of three cases concerning ...
That One Case

Sparring with the Feds: Arthur Siegal

Episode 1: Arthur Siegal • 03-02-2021
In our very first episode we're delighted to welcome Arthur Siegal to the show. Arthur's work in environmental law at Jaffe Law has pitted him against auto manufacturers, seen him settle seven-figure settlements and, as we hear in this episode, even lead to sparring with the US federal ...