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From tales of triumph over governments to legal life-lessons, lawyers tell us their candid tales of That One Case.

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That One Case

Winning the Unwinnable: Omid Rejali, Rejali Law Firm / Lawper

Episode 33: Omid Rejali • 24-05-2021
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Omid Rejali, trial attorney at Rejali Law Firm in San Diego, and creator of Lawper - a platform designed to connect injured parties to lawyers with a focus on providing a fairer pricing structure for clients.To...

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That One Case

Losing is a Matter of Perspective: Jon Hyman, Wickens Herzer Panza

Episode 32: Jon Hyman • 19-04-2021
In this episode of That One Case, we speak with Jon Hyman, employment and labor lawyer at Wickens Herzer Panzer in Avon, Ohio. Jon focuses on the management side of labor and employment law, providing counsel and representation for businesses on matters regarding employees. Today, Jon ...
That One Case

Looking Out for Lawyers: Omid Zareh, Weinberg Zareh Malkin Price

Episode 31: Omid Zareh • 12-04-2021
On today's episode of That One Case, we speak with Omid Zareh, partner at Weinberg Zareh Malkin Price, New York. Omid's speciality is representing businesses and executives in commercial arbitration and litigation. He is also the former Chair of the Ethics Committee of the Nassau County...
That One Case

Lawyer and Leader Life Lessons: Ziyad Naccasha, Carmel and Naccasha

Episode 30: Ziyad Naccasha • 09-04-2021
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Ziyad Naccasha, attorney and partner at Carmel and Naccasha LLP, San Luis Obispo, California. Ziyad has over 30 years of experience in business and corporate law, litigation, insurance and reinsurance coverage, and defense, and he provides ...
That One Case

Communication is Key: Paul Campson, Campson and Campson

Episode 29: Paul Campson • 08-04-2021
On today's episode of That One Case, we talk with Paul Campson, partner at Campson and Campson, New York. Paul is a trial lawyer with over 20-years of experience, specializing in personal injury litigation. He represents clients in the supreme courts, federal courts, and court of claims...
That One Case

Winning In Defeat: Andrew Cooper, Mohen Cooper LLC

Episode 27: Andrew Cooper • 02-04-2021
On today's episode of That One Case, we talk with Andrew Cooper, founding member of Mohen Cooper LLC in Jericho, New York. Working primarily as general counsel, Andrew has over 30 years of experience in representing clients in matters of risk management, consulting, litigation and corpo...
That One Case

Fighting For Clients Outside The Courtroom: Robert Brown, The Law Offices of Robert E. Brown

Episode 28: Robert Brown • 02-04-2021
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Robert Brown, founder of the Law Offices of Robert E. Brown. Before becoming a lawyer, Robert started out in the New York Police Department where he was Captain of the 5th Precinct, home to Manhattan's Chinatown. Now, Robert dedicates his t...
That One Case

You Have To Be Bad Before You're Good: Joshua Baron, SB Legal

Episode 26: Joshua Baron • 31-03-2021
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Joshua Baron, criminal defense lawyer and founder of SB Legal in Salt Lake City, Utah. Joshua has been practicing law since 2007, and, after working as a prosecutor, started his own firm to pursue the more personally fulfilling work of crim...
That One Case

Freeing Speech: Ron Coleman, Dhillon Law Group

Episode 25: Ron Coleman • 29-03-2021
On today's show, we talk with Ron Coleman, partner at Dhillon Law Group in New York. Ron is a commercial litigator working primarily in trademark infringement, unfair competition, and consumer law. He is a champion of free speech and is known throughout the legal profession for his Firs...
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Taking on Governments and Advocating for Settlements: Joanne Ericksen, Ericksen Law Firm

Episode 24: Joanne Ericksen • 26-03-2021
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Joanne Ericksen, founder of, and attorney at, Ericksen Law Firm in Houston, Texas. After spending years working for big firms that were more concerned with the bottom line than helping their clients, Joanne created the Ericksen Law firm, wh...
That One Case

How To Be Persuasive: Juliet Huck, Academy of Persuasion

Episode 25: Juliet Huck • 24-03-2021
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Juliet Huck, persuasion strategist, author, and founder of the Academy of Persuasion. Juliet has been paving the way in the science of persuasive communications for almost 25 years and has advised numerous clients on how to win others over....