Inspiring Podcasts for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Listening to business podcasts is the next best thing to having a lunch date with the world's top business minds. Here's Lower Streets most inspiring Business Podcasts


Podcasts are one of the most convenient ways to consume new content, especially if you're a busy entrepreneur. According to Forbes, 39% of small and medium-sized business owners are currently podcast users. With the business landscape changing almost daily, keeping one step ahead is a necessity. 

Whether you're commuting to work, at the gym, or walking the dog, podcasts are accessible from almost anywhere. But with over 2 million podcasts worldwide and thousands of those shows nestled within the "business" category, where do you start?


NPR's Planet Money Podcast

Why does Planet Money consistently top the business podcast charts and remain one of the most downloaded podcasts in the world? Like most of the shows produced by NPR, its popularity is largely thanks to one thing - the storytelling. 

Originally blossomed from the minds of Alex Blumberg and Adam Davidson, Planet Money became an instant hit, mainly because it tackled that age-old question "what the heck is going on?"

While this show could run the risk of being a little dry, it's quite the opposite. Planet Money explains the economy in a fun and captivating way, and aims to help make sense of the complex cogs that move the economy. 

Recent episodes have covered topic such as why celebrities are hot on crypto, the debate on what's causing inflation, and why the racial wealth gap is so hard to close.

"The economy explained. Imagine you could call up a friend and say, "Meet me at the bar and tell me what's going on with the economy." Now imagine that's actually a fun evening."

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Before Breakfast Podcast

The Before Breakfast Podcast is one of those shows that packs a punch in a bitesize mouthful- and is the ideal audio motivator before you've even finished your cornflakes. 

Whichever 3 - 10 minute episode you tune into, you'll be treated to a wealth of productivity advice that sets you up for daily success. Host Laura Vanderkam shares tips on time management strategies, office spaces, communication, networking, work-life balance, and so much more. The entire premise of this podcast is to help listeners make the most of their time at work and home by offering practical tools so we can all feel less busy and get more done.

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Rework: A Podcast by Basecamp

Rework is a podcast by Shaun Hildner, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founders of Basecamp and co-authors of the critically acclaimed book "Rework."

Unlike other business podcasts, they tend to steer away from the generic conversations around how to run a business. Instead, they tackle the pain points we can all experience, such as how a few interruptions in a day (such as three meetings or more) can ruin a day's productivity—knowing when to quit and why mission statements are almost always vapid, bland, platitudes that end up saying nothing at all and what you should do instead.

They are unafraid to share their unparalleled wisdom on how you don't have to go all in. The chemistry between the hosts makes for straightforward listening; with great insights and chuckles, the Rework podcast should be a priority on your subscription list. 

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Content Inc with Joe Pulizzi

Known as the "godfather of content marketing," Joe Pulizzi is a font of business knowledge. Joe has been a spearhead of content marketing since it became "a thing" decades ago. And this podcast is a crash course in content marketing (amongst other things).

With episodes hitting around 10 minutes each, you come away with a wealth of tangible takeaways and lessons that anyone can use at almost any stage in their career. What's most appealing about this podcast is that Joe speaks from experience, so there is very much a "been there, done that, and here's what I learned" vibe. Each podcast contains one inspirational idea that can change your business - all in less than 15 minutes per episode

"Content Inc. is for entrepreneurs and startups who want to be big - not by creating and selling more products and services - but by developing a loyal audience through remarkable content."

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Ambitious entrepreneurs everywhere can often get stuck when they're in the beginning stages of their startup. Mixergy takes us through the entrepreneurial-looking glass and allows us to "learn from proven entrepreneurs" in this high-energy audio experience. 

Host Andrew Warner, the "icon in the podcast world for successful startups," asks uncomfortable questions and firmly digs into the successes and failures of some of the world's top business founders. It's no secret that Andrew can sometimes be abrasive, but the wealth of information and insight listeners can receive firmly makes up for it. 

"Andrew asks challenging questions, which leads to real stories behind how startups made it."

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Game Changing Attorney

How can you become a game-changer? That's the question Michael Mogill, Founder and CEO of Crisp, has on his mind. While you'd be forgiven for thinking this podcast is aimed directly at law firms, that's only partially true. Instead, this podcast takes business podcasting to the next level by offering listeners a wide variety of guests beyond the best of the best in their fields. Allowing for a unique insight into how to take your mindset and business to the next level!

Shark Tank's, Kevin O'Leary, Johnny Depp's divorce attorney Laura Wasser, Pat Flynn, Kara Goldin, Tim Grover, Todd Herman, Tucker Max, George Foreman III - the list of innovative and deeply insightful guests goes on, and on, and on … 

Topics such as company culture, employee engagement, marketing, advertising, management, hiring, firing, and work-life balance– each episode is a window into the great minds of brands and businesses making waves in their industries. 

Trust us, there's a reason why this podcast receives five stars across the board.


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"What do all our guests have in common? These successful attorneys and business owners prove that the key to innovation is a game-changing mindset."


How to Win with Peep Laja

Need some no-nonsense business talk from a host that doesn't pull any punches? How To Win may be the podcast you're looking for. 

Host Peep Laja, the founder of Wynter and Speero, gets down to the nitty-gritty with some of the planet's most successful industry leaders. No fluff. No filler. Just strategies, tactics, and actionable insights from founders, executives, and marketers. 

Peep and his guests cover all kinds of topics, including combining copy and design in unison to build brand differentiation, the challenge of educating customers, the power of building an audience, and the subtle art of throwing shade at your competitors. 

Peep's typical machine gun approach to asking questions and putting things into context means that this podcast isn't only insightful but entertaining. 

Recommended For: B2B SaaS, agency leaders, and entrepreneurs who crave incredible strategic insights into how their company can win and outsmart the competition.

"No fluff. No filler. Just strategies and tactics from founders, executives, and marketers."

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Masters of Scale

Launched in 2017 as a podcast hosted by Reid Hoffman, this show was so successful that it has now mitotically split into two podcasts, Masters of Scale and Rapid Response.

If you think that Masters Of Scale is purely about how brands have managed to scale their businesses, think again. At its core, it's an audio experience that dives into how wildly successful people have caught onto the business aspects that others didn't. Then, it's about what they did with that knowledge and how they thrived despite various setbacks. 

On the surface, the kinds of themes or topics covered could be deemed generic. But Hoffman regularly diverts toward real-world examples and digs into how no-name brands that were just a wannabe entrepreneurs with an elevator pitch in their pocket became the titans they are today.

Masters of Scale is a staple for many business owners who listen to podcasts. The guests are often iconic CEOs– from Nike to Netflix, Starbucks to Slack– that share their success strategies (and meteoric failures) to help illustrate how small enterprises can grow into global powerhouses. 

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Get Inspired With These Business Podcasts

Winston Churchill once said, "Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." Hearing stories from those in the business trenches that faced the business world head on with courage and candor can be the ultimate motivator. If you're struggling to decide which inspirational business podcast is best for you, here are our top picks for beginners, professionals, and casual listeners:

  • Best for Beginners: Getting Things Done: Do you struggle to get things done? Are you on the cusp of starting your business but haven't entirely made it over the first hurdle? Are you a starter but not a finisher? GTD showcases personal and professional stories and practical tips about GTD systems for desktop and mobile, using apps and paper. Start listening now, and you'll be well on your way to stress-free productivity.
  • Best for Professionals: Welcome to the Arena from ICR. In the increasingly competitive corporate and financial ecosystem, it's more complicated than ever for companies to break through the clutter and be heard. Welcome to the Arena's host, Tom Ryan, interviews key business and financial players. This is and is a forum for CEOs, CFOs, institutional investors, sell-side analysts, financial journalists, private equity professionals, and other financial community participants to share their stories and give advice in an open and candid conversation.
  • Best for Casual Listeners: The Gary Vee Audio Experience. Not everyone has to start a business; maybe you want something interesting to listen to. Both of these podcasts provide lighthearted, entertaining, business-related content that doesn't necessarily get down to the nitty-gritty.

Business podcasts offer listeners a wealth of valuable advice and expertise. If you have actionable business tips that could benefit those in need, take your business marketing strategy to the next level and become a thought leader within your field by starting a branded podcast with our podcast launch service.


Claire Gould