The 10 Best Podcast Blogs You Should Be Reading

Grow your podcast knowledge, and get valuable tips and advice with our top podcast blogs.


Although podcasting is an audio-first platform, it's also made space for blogs. Many podcasters and production agencies offer accompanying articles and blog posts to help to answer some of the biggest questions surrounding podcasting. 

When you have a question about podcasting, the best place to turn is to the source with the most knowledge. The production and marketing of a podcast can become complex, and many insightful blogs created by those firmly embedded within the industry can help. 

Here are our top podcast blogs you should add to your reading list. 


1. The Buzzsprout Blog

Learn the ins and outs of podcasting with simple how-tos, articles, and FAQs.

If you've heard of Buzzsprout, then you'll probably know them as one of the top podcast hosting sites available today. However, their blog is pretty excellent too. It's specifically designed to help other podcasters simplify hard-to-understand processes- whether they're Buzzsprout customers or not.

The Buzzsprout Blog isn't all about the right gear, editing software, and recording techniques, but also guidance on the mental hurdles we can all experience when creating a show. 

In one interview, Head of Marketing at Buzzsprout, Alban Brooke, noted that "the biggest roadblock is often the mental blocks [podcasters] have around producing content." 

Unlike other podcast blogs, the Buzzsprout team is not afraid to tell you like it is- podcasting isn't always easy, so why sugar coat it?

Instead, they offer down-to-the-bone advice, from tracking a podcast's progress and monetization to how to remove background noise in Audacity. 

Great features of this blog

  • All articles are conveniently grouped under relevant headings
  • Buzzsprout is all about honesty and telling it like it is
  • Lots of free resources
  • Consistent and in-depth industry updates
  • Content for all podcasting levels, from basic to advanced


2. Audry 

Audry is an excellent podcast blog for those seeking advice on growing their audience, gaining access to valuable resources, and staying up to date with what is happening within the podcast community. Audry doesn't shy away from tackling those common issues that 99% of podcasters will face at some point in their podcasting endeavors. 

When creating the blog, the Audry team noticed that podcasters are constantly confronted with challenges that are hard to tackle alone—often having to take an ad hoc approach with very few tools to help solve these problems. So, they designed their blog with the beginner end-user in mind. To make podcast life a bit easier by providing helpful examples, actionable insights, and current trends in the podcasting space.

"Creating a podcast can be complicated, confusing, and downright overwhelming," Niklas Hildebrand, the Co-Founder of Audry, says. "We want to take some guesswork out of it and make the learning experience more fun!"

Great features of this blog

  • Easy to navigate
  • Tons of valuable resources
  • Updated regularly
  • A lot of information about podcast marketing, paid promotion, and audience growth



Captivate is a unique hub offering a great podcast hosting experience and an honest outlook on what indie creators should focus on. In addition, the Captivate blog brings its in-house knowledge (marketing, positioning, growth, and scaling) right into the laps of any podcaster needing guidance. 

The premise of their content is to keep the industry accessible to everyone by providing the reader with tangible advice and actionable steps.

CEO and co-founder Mark Asquith says that "People thrive on clear, actionable steps, not 'here are some options, it's still on you to choose,' and as long as you present options with clarity but deliver a clear 'start here, try this and then this, etc.' approach, you'll help more people, faster." 

Captivate has created a blog where industry secrets just aren't a thing. They're unafraid to tackle the obscure and often untouched subjects surrounding the podcast industry, such as Podcast Security, podcast guesting, and platform integration.

Great features of this blog

  • Find by category section
  • Ideal for podcast beginners
  • It covers a huge array of topics
  • Step by Step guide on how to start a podcast


4. The Podcast Host

Self-proclaimed "Podcast Geek" Colin Gray is an audio aficionado with a deep passion for the podcast industry. For years, he has been writing and podcasting about the audio world, so it was only natural that he would go on to develop The Podcast Host. A central hub that's designed to help all podcasters share their voice, regardless of their podcast geekery level.

From how to record a podcast and editing & production to monetization and marketing, this blog has it all. The Podcast Host also has a great membership academy that goes more in-depth with courses, one-on-one coaching, resources, and tools.

The Podcast Host team also created an editing software called Alitu for podcasters who don't have time to learn complex editing software. and offers a streamlined way to edit your audio files.

Great features of this blog

  • It has a "Start here" section to help guide you in the right direction
  • Ideal for podcast beginners
  • It covers a huge array of topics
  • Navigation is simple, and you can always find what you're looking for


5. We Edit Podcasts

We Edit Podcasts is a female-founded company that strives to help podcasters with the post-production elements of their show. Their services include simple editing and transcriptions, to show notes, launch strategies, and even equipment setup!

But they are mainly on our list because they have a well-established blog that's chock full of great podcast insights and information. Also, they aim to publish at least two podcast-related articles weekly, with education and inspiration firmly at the front of their minds.

As you can tell by the name, We Edit Podcasts specializes in editing and production, and many articles are related to those two topics. But, that's not all; they are also a top resource for other issues such as optimizing and streamlining your podcast production workflow.

Great features of this blog

  • A wealth of past articles to browse through
  • Ideal for podcast beginners
  • Women-led
  • Great updates on podcast events


6. The Fizzle Blog

The Fizzle Blog brings budding podcasters the essential tips and strategies for doing meaningful work, growing an audience, and getting paid! This podcast blog is run by Steph Croder, Chase Reeves, and Corbett Barr, all of whom strive to add a sense of humor to the often dry and tech-heavy world of podcasting. 

Does this blog work for all podcasters? Maybe not. Instead, we think it's a better fit for podcasters who are already in the swing of things but need an extra helping hand with the business side of podcasting. 

With Fizzle, you can expect to be highly inspired and motivated. The articles are excellent for explaining complex topics simply and creatively. 

Great features of this blog

  • Funny- bordering on hilarious
  • Great for established podcasters needing business guidance
  • Focused on motivation and inspiration
  • Great guides and resources


7. Podcast Insights

When a company's tagline is "Podcasting Simplified," you know you're in the right place to learn the simple basics of how one goes about creating a podcast. 

We don't think there could be a more comprehensive podcast blog. They cover every known aspect of starting and running a podcast and have rightly earned themselves a place on the podcast blogging wall of fame. Platforms like The New York Times, The Verge, and Forbes regularly work with them and use them as a resource for podcast orientated articles.

Do you have an already established podcast but are looking to monetize? Unlike other podcast blogs, Podcast Insights is unafraid to tackle the subject of monetization and effective advertising and explains in great detail how you can turn your podcast into a lucrative business. Making it an ideal hub for branded podcasts.

Great features of this blog

  • Robust back catalog
  • Good features on monetizing your podcast
  • Focused on motivation and inspiration
  • Great guides and resources
  • Great for branded podcasts looking to monetize


8. Pod News

Pod News is one of the new kids on the blog block and only came to fruition in 2017. Despite their reasonably new entry to the podcast scene, they have become a vital source of info for thousands of podcasters across the globe.

For some, their blogs (and newsletter) are invaluable for helping them get their daily podcast fix. One reader has been quoted saying they "never miss an issue." Why? Because each post is jam-packed with value, insight, perspective, and tips on how to keep up with this ever-evolving industry in bite-sized form.

Great features of this blog

  • They give out short, daily updates on the podcasting industry  
  • Short, easy-to-read articles
  • No-nonsense writing - just facts, data, and insights
  • An overwhelming amount of articles to browse- there is something for everyone


9. Spreaker

Speaker from iHeart is a web and mobile platform that allows podcasters to create while they take care of the rest- from distribution on all major listening apps to marketing and earning revenue. Besides all that, there is their blog. Their articles are big, bold, simple, and super digestible - it has the whole package. 

Spreaker genuinely takes care of their readers by tackling important podcast subjects that are often left untouched. For example, podcast email marketing, repurposing content to boost your reach, and are you even ready to start a podcast, are just a few topics they love to tackle.

Great features of this blog

  • Super easy to navigate 
  • Clear, in-depth articles that tackle untouched topics
  • Not afraid to start with the simple questions
  • Works for podcasters at any level


10. Podbean Blog

Podbean is a user-friendly platform that offers just about every service a podcaster might need. While they have services that can take your show from an idea to a money-making machine, they also have a lesser-known podcast blog that is beyond valuable. 

The second you click into their blog, there is a section dedicated entirely to the podcast basics, the latest podcast news, and all the insider tips and tricks you could need to create a successful podcast.

Perhaps you don't understand how to submit your show to specific podcast directories? Podbean has you covered. Nervous about attending your first podcast conference? Podbean tells you what to expect. What about monetization, topic selection, podcast descriptions, co-hosting, interview etiquette, and episode transcription? No matter your need, there's an article that can guide you through.

Great features of this blog

  • There's an article answering almost every podcast question
  • Articles are short but mighty
  • Lots of community and culture-based content
  • Condensed summaries of the articles as you scroll through the "Latest Posts" section


As the podcast world expands, we can all expect to see more established blogs stepping up to the plate. But, this list is aimed to provide a diverse array of valuable content. To help everyone from fledgling podcasters to those who have been in the game for years. 

  • If you're on the cusp of starting a podcast and need some in-depth advice on how to get started, read our Lower Street Blog or contact us to see how we can help get your voice heard.