Executive Producer

Come and create some of the best B2B podcasts

Passionate about audio? Here's what we're looking for...

Make industry-leading business podcasts with a passionate, global team.

Lower Street is a podcasting company that works with agencies, startups, and enterprise companies to make amazing shows. Shows that matter, that make an impact.

We're focused on 2 things:

  1. Making the best podcasts we possibly can, and

  2. Continually challenging ourselves to learn, experiment, and hone our craft.

From concept to distribution, we help clients to develop their ideas into fully fledged podcasts. And it's really fun.


What's the gig?

We’re looking for someone incredible to help grow and define the future podcast content at Lower Street.

In this role, you will play an integral part in developing new client podcasts, overseeing all our creative output, and refining our production processes. You'll work with a growing production team and report directly to the founder, Harry Morton.

You'll collaborate with and manage pieces of our creative and technical teams to deliver the very best content experiences that are customer-focused and align with our value of creating the highest quality podcasts possible.

This is both a client and internally facing role. You’ll be working closely with organizations of varying sizes and goals, developing treatments, and ensuring the production team delivers on those effectively.

The Executive Producer will also be very much in step with industry standards, technology, and current affairs -- this helps our team ensure that what we put out is absolutely relevant, relatable, and industry-leading content.

Things you'll do:

  • Head up all things content for a specific niche inside the business. From production to overseeing the audio engineering team and signing off on edits and mixes, you’ll be the go-to person.

  • Develop show concepts and treatments, push clients to be more creative and ambitious to deliver on their business goals.

  • Oversee the production of a range of podcasts to ensure that what we put out is the best it can be.

  • Provide creative notes, your own unique voice, at all possible stages of podcast production.

  • Help manage workflow and relationship of cross functional teams and leadership.

  • Also be the one to actually produce top-notch content, from start to finish (the right person for this role still wants a piece of the producing action from time to time).

Who exactly are we looking for?

In short, does this sound like you? Someone that is:

  • Creative. You are able to foster and maintain the creative vision of the podcasts at Lower Street.

  • Communicative. You have excellent written and verbal communication and excel in collaboration with teammates and our hosts.

  • Autonomous. You thrive in settings where you have little hand-holding.

  • Well-informed. You have extensive knowledge, especially of current topics and events and of developments in the podcasting space.

  • Experienced. You have quite a bit of experience in your field (it’s okay to boast about it) and can handle just about anything that comes your way.

Why you

For this role, you ideally have:

  • Occupied the role of an executive producer level before and are looking to grow into a company and significantly impact creative direction.

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication, presentation writing, and delivery skills.

  • Excellent organizational skills and both initiative and ability to drive content projects from start to finish.

  • An editorial eye -- you’re no stranger to critiquing work, making recommendations to improve content, structure, and processes.

  • An aptitude for managing and maintaining budgets.

  • Ability to achieve consistency by following, maintaining, and evolving content standards.

  • Problem-solving skills, being able to guide large content efforts while also managing and prioritizing other projects simultaneously.

  • A talent for mentoring and collaborating with other team members and excitement to continue learning and growing your skills.

  • Proficiency in Pro Tools, Descript, Google Suite, etc.

Why us

  • Work from anywhere. Your house in the country, a coffee shop in the city, a yurt in the forest -- we don’t mind. As long as you have strong enough wifi.

  • Truly great work culture. We’re a young and small, but established company -- you can make a real impact, but we’re not in the business of micromanagement.

  • Flexible Hours. Outside of ideally having some working overlap with UK working hours, we have a globally distributed, asynchronous team.

  • Generous PTO, sick leave, and public holiday policy. Just throw us some notice and share where you go on holiday!

  • Equipment Budget. Headphones, software, staplers, fax machine (probably not that last one) -- whatever you need to be set up for success.

  • Professional Development Allowance. Courses, conference tickets, books -- we’re invested in you.

  • Planned team retreats in really fun spots. At least once per year, we get together in cool places to collaborate and celebrate in person.

Learn more about us here.

How to apply

If you’re thinking: “This is totally me!” then be sure to apply here. Even if you’re thinking: “This definitely could be me!” apply anyways — we love diverse and non-traditional backgrounds.

Please, sneak the word ‘Mushroom’ somewhere into your application to show us you read the whole job description.

We can’t wait to meet you!

*Please note, this is a rolling application and we are not necessarily actively hiring for an Executive Producer at this time*