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"MoneyWise started as an idea that really intimidated me, it's a ton of work, and Lower Street have made it very easy for me."


Sam Parr, Host and Co-Founder of Hampton

You’re going to start a podcast.
We’re going to make it exceptional.

You already know you need a podcast. Maybe you don’t know exactly why, but you’re still correct.

Done right, your podcast will be a powerful revenue driver. It’ll grow your audience, build your authority, and invite crowds of eager right-fit customers to your digital door. Unfortunately, most businesses spend months or even years floundering in audio anonymity before getting it right… or just giving up.

There are lots of ways to start a podcast — but there’s only one way to start the right podcast right off the bat.

Get to great faster

Hi, we’re Lower Street: your full-service, high-touch podcast partners.

Our small team of podcast nerds creates, launches, and grows phenomenal shows for committed clients. If you want to create an incredible show (or you simply don’t have the patience for mediocrity), you’ll love working with us.

I've heard enough, let's go
100+ shows launched
Award winning
#1 ranking shows
10 years in business
75% clients with us 12 months+

There’s really no comparing us…

But here’s what it might look like if you tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Other “podcast production agencies” are often just glorified editors. They’ll download your raw audio, snip out the umms and ahhs, and (maybe) post each episode on your social media. And that’s fine — if you’re aiming for a mediocre show that gets mediocre results for your business.

Want to get show much more from your podcast? Work with us.

The other guys
Boring-to-OK podcasts that do zilch for your business goals
  • Have a quick chat about the “vision” for your show — and wonder what happened to it, three episodes in
  • Get handed off to junior team members — They’re cutting their teeth, and you’re paying for chew toys
  • Publish a lightly edited, ho-hum interview once a month or so — Funny how all the excitement has seeped out by now
  • After a year, wonder why your audience isn’t growing and you're not getting much ROI — Because it was never designed to do that in the first place
Lower Street
Expert, end-to-end podcast production that pays for itself (and more)
  • Get expert guidance on your show format, frequency, and focus — No two Lower Street client shows are alike
  • Create your instantly recognizable sonic identity — “I’m with the brand”
  • Spend less time, but get a better show — We handle pre- and post-production to create a stand-out podcast
  • Discover & refine your unique show style — There’s much more to explore than the typical “two people talk for an hour”
  • Just turn on the mic and be your most magnetic self — Your dedicated producer does all the heavy lifting for you
  • So, so much more that we’d love to nerd out with you about
I want to be the best
Tell us your wildest podcast dreams, and we’ll help you make them happen.

"Podcasting is our primary marketing channel, so we wanted to work with a team that could produce the highest quality. In just two months, the show has generated a bunch of leads worth enough to fund the podcast for another two years.

"Since working with Lower Street, the podcast sounds phenomenal and stands apart from the others in our space. All we do is book high-value leads as guests, and record great interviews — Lower Street handles everything else for us. I'm very, very happy with the show."
Chris Dreyer,

Don't just take our word for it...

Chris Dreyer has been working with us for well over a year and has just launched a second podcast for the brand.

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Share as much detail as you can and we'll be in touch within 1 business day

"I genuinely loved working with Lower Street, they have an incredible team and I would recommend them any day of the week. Our producer Sam, was the absolute highlight of the entire process, he was exceptionally gifted, kind, and funny which made the whole project a lot of fun."

Joel Di Trapani, Co-CEO and Co-Founder at Vygo Joel Di Trapani

Your questions, answered:

What are your rates?

Rates depend on your individual needs. Just get in touch to discuss your podcast plans and we can let you know what they will cost. But it's probably going to cost more than a freelance editor and less than a big agency.

How long does it take to launch a podcast?

That really depends on you. How quickly will you be able to feedback on creatives, give us the information we need, and sign things off internally?

We can be up and running in as little as a couple of weeks. 6-8 weeks from kick-off call to episode 1 going out is typical, but if you're more ambitious with your podcast production style or content, it could take longer to develop.

It's best to talk it through. Let's talk

Can you advise me on the best podcast equipment I need?

Absolutely. Get in touch with us and we'll happily walk you through what you need to get your podcast set up and achieve the best possible recordings.

Can I hear some of the other podcasts you've produced?

We'd love you to! You can find some of the recent shows we've produced on our work page.

How long should my podcast be and how often should I release it?

Great questions. The answer really depends on you and your audience.

Content length and frequency should be informed by your target listener and what they need, but balanced with what is achievable for you.

This is exactly the stuff what we cover in our show development and launch process. We'd be happy to talk this through with you and create a custom podcast strategy for your goals. Let's talk.

Who is Lower Street and how long have you been in business?

We started the company in late 2016 and have grown from a one-man band (that one man is me, Harry Morton, hi!), to a full-time team of 14 with the occassional contractor.

We're a proud fully remote team and have been since the beginning. We're spread across the US, Canada, the UK, Europe and Asia. So whatever timezone you wake up in, we're probably online doing our thing :)

We genuinely love what we do and want to share our passion for audio storytelling. You can learn more about us here.

How many clients do you work with?

We've worked on thousands of podcast episodes to date, totalling millions of downloads in a range of industries.

At any one time we could be working with anywhere between 20-30 podcasts.

You can find some examples of our work here.

I've got more questions

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