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How Rankings saw huge returns from podcasting
The best in the industry trust Rankings to deliver the traffic and cases other firms can’t
“I had used other podcast companies in the past, but they weren’t focused on the level of quality I was looking for.”

“I was looking for more than a one-to-one connection. I was looking for distribution leverage—creating a great show that could reach thousands.”

I knew how effective it could be. A podcast is like giving a keynote speech every week without even having to leave the house.”

“I’m a serial podcast listener. I know that quality can vary widely based upon who’s doing the production work. I listened to some of the podcasts in Lower Street’s portfolio and was blown away by the caliber of their work.”

“Everything was focused on quality. From the sound of the music to the cover art, the voice-overs, research of the guests, and the audio engineering; all these little nuances and granular things they recommended made the show exponentially better.”

“At its inception, it was The Rankings Podcast. But I came to the realization that I needed to rebrand to focus on my audience and make it about them, not me.”

“Now, we interview top personal injury attorneys and individuals who make an impact in their industry. We’ve had prominent attorneys such as Darryl Isaacs and Joe Fried, and even entrepreneurial leaders like Seth Godin.”

The Personal Injury Mastermind Podcast
“I’m a stubborn ass and was really hesitant to move away from my Yeti mic and Zoom for recordings, but when I finally agreed to make the change, I saw an immense uptick in quality.”

“They had a very meticulous process. They’d done this many times and I trusted them.”

“There were a lot of male-oriented, male-dominated podcasts in our space, and we wanted to serve and represent the female law community. We’ve seen tremendous results from both podcasts, not only from a lead-generation and social media perspective, but also in terms of education for our industry.”

PIMM generates a ton of high-value micro content for social
“With our other podcast companies, I had to do the research, and there were fixed questions for every guest. But with Lower Street, my producer does very thorough research and gives me a customized set of questions. It helps me draw out the best information, get away from familiar soundbites, and give the audience something different.”

Every single time I go into an interview, it’s organized. There is a flow. And we give listeners something unique and interesting.”

I know the promotion has worked, because I’ve seen significant jumps after each campaign. We’ve done things with Spotify, Castbox, and other platforms, and it really speaks to the expertise of their team and the trust that I have with them.”

Everything was focused on quality. From the music to the cover art, the voice- overs, research of the guests, and the audio engineering; all these little nuances and granular things they recommended made the show exponentially better.”

“I’ve definitely generated a ten times return on my investment. There’s no question that it’s effective. Many of our prospects tell us they heard me on our podcast.”

“Our VP of Operations has been invited to speak on panels for female entrepreneurs and within the female law community. Not only am I benefiting, but my executives are building their brand and personal credibility as well.”

“A large portion of our leads come from Facebook and Instagram where a high percentage of our content is podcast clips. It plays a different game than direct response, it’s demand generation.”

It’s been an incredible investment. When I factor in the costs of what it would take to bring this in-house, to get the expertise they have in strategy, audio, engineering, producing... it’s a no brainer. Absolutely go with Lower Street. They are the best.”


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