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A podcast promotion strategy that delivers

Creating a quality podcast is time consuming. And producing that high-value, shareable content has to be your priority.

But to achieve the return on investment you need from your show, your audience needs to build faster - and that comes from consitent, systemized promotion.

The problem is, well written show notes and blog posts, SEO, social posts, influencer outreach, newsletter copy, proper cross-platform distribution, and targeted ad campaigns take just as much time (if not more) as producing the podcast in the first place!

Let us use our proven systems to promote your podcast, so that you can focus on creating awesome content.

We have worked with the European Investment Bank across their network of podcasts through a range of targeted channels that resulted in a growth in download numbers of 132%.

Grow your podcast audience

A proven system for growth

Lower Street's podcast promotion service is designed to make podcasting effective and valuable for marketers and business owners.

Using our proven system and dedicated team of writers, content marketers, and ad specialists, we ensure every base is consistently covered for each and every episode.

Our refined process ensures your content is delivered to the people that need to find it. All written in your voice, for your audience.

Grow your podcast audience

Managed podcast marketing campaigns

For podcasters that are serious about growth.

Through a combination of cross-promotion partnerships, sponsorship deals, and programmatic ad campaigns, we help brands that want to grow their podcast listenership do just that.

Podcast growth consulting

We're not just a cookie cutter ad buying service. We'll provide a full strategy for you to implement based on your objectives and goals.

Grow your podcast audience

Promote podcast, drive ROI

Whether ROI for you is top-of-funnel lead generation, brand lift, customer education, or something else, we can tailor a campaign to deliver on your goals.

The best way to grow your podcast audience

Programmatic, sponsorships, and cross-promotion

Paid social campaigns don't work

Not for podcasters at least. Sure it's a great way to buy cheap traffic to your site to introduce people to your podcast. But as we've seen time and again from direct experience, converting those casual clicks in to long-term subscribers is really hard. Facebook ads result in a short term spike in download numbers, but it falls off a cliff once you end the campaign.

Programmatic ad insertion

Instead we focus on meeting podcast listeners where they are - listening to podcasts! Makes sense, right? We help clients to develop tailored 30s spots for their podcast and work with our partner networks to insert those ads into carefully targeted shows that serve the same audience you're seeking.

Create amazing content to hook your new listeners

Your ads find new potential listeners in the right place at the right time. In their podcast aggregator app, at a time when they're already listening. So when your ad reaches them, your job is to be sure your feed is full of amazing new episodes that deliver on what your ad has promised. Relevant, quality, engaging audio. If you need help with that too, let us know!

"Lower Street's promotion service is a no-brainer for any podcaster looking to grow their audience. They've had a huge impact on our show and we haven't had to think about promotion once." Liam Fahy, Boomwa.

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