Show notes

​In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Juliet Huck, persuasion strategist, author, and founder of the Academy of Persuasion. Juliet has been paving the way in the science of persuasive communications for almost 25 years and has advised numerous clients on how to win others over. As well as her academy, Juliet has also shared her knowledge in two books, "50 Ways to Get Your Way" and "The Equation of Persuasion"

On today’s show, Juliet shares with us the story of a case whose international nature was proving to be too complex for jurors to comprehend. And she explains how with the help of some clever communication techniques and reducing the intricacies of the case down to its core issues, she was able to make the facts more palatable and help secure her client a favorable multimillion-dollar settlement.

For more information about Juliet, check out her LinkedIn. Or to find out more about her work, head over to her website. And if you'd like to learn more about being persuasive, check out the courses on offer at the Academy of Persuasion.