Show notes

​In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Joshua Baron, criminal defense lawyer and founder of SB Legal in Salt Lake City, Utah. Joshua has been practicing law since 2007, and, after working as a prosecutor, started his own firm to pursue the more personally fulfilling work of criminal defense.

On today's show, Joshua tells us what drove him to switch disciplines and go from a prosecutor to a criminal defense lawyer. He shares with us what it is that attracts him to criminal defense and he recounts the key cases that marked the turning points in his career. Joshua also tells us what he thinks are the key characteristics of prosecution and defense lawyers, the realities of the early days of a new law firm, and why your calling might not necessarily be something you're good at straight away.

For more information about Joshua, check out his LinkedIn. Or to find out more about his work, head over to the SB Legal website.