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Staying Positive During Another Lockdown. A Conversation

Episode 147 • 02-12-2020
Recorded in the initial weeks of the UK's second lockdown - Alex, Isobel and Ryan discuss their thoughts on the new restrictions and a couple of ways to make working from home in the gloomy winter months a bit more bearable.

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What Sucks About Working from Home. A Conversation

Episode 146 • 30-11-2020
Unwanted distractions, unsuitable workspaces and isolation. These are the top three things that Alex, Isobel and Ryan find most annoying about working from home. Join them as th... Listen now
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Is VR The Future Of Remote Working? These companies say yes. A Conversation.

Episode 145 • 27-11-2020
Some of the largest financial firms in the UK have started to incorporate VR as a way to reintroduce the feeling of human interaction among their home-working employees and comb... Listen now
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The Office Ain't Dead Yet. Lucy Minton - Kitt.

Episode 144 • 25-11-2020
The office is not going to disappear from working life, nor should it. Today we're talking to Lucy Minton, COO of Kitt - a company that designs offices. We talk a lot about the ... Listen now
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Rituals to End the Workday When Working from Home. A Conversation

Episode 143 • 23-11-2020
We've talked a lot about separating work and personal life when working from home, and in this episode Harry, Alex, and Ryan talk about the ways you can create more space betwee... Listen now
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Can Young People Thrive in a Remote-Work World? We Discuss the Challenges of Inducting new Hires Remotely. A conversation.

Episode 142 • 20-11-2020
An article from BBC Worklife recently questioned whether remote workers can grow into their new roles as well as their office-based counterparts. Finding it harder to connect wi... Listen now
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Working from Home Boosts Productivity, but Blocks Innovation? A Conversation

Episode 141 • 18-11-2020
Microsoft have conducted a big survey into remote working and its effects on the workplace. In this episode Harry, Ryan, and Alex discuss the findings of the study and ask, is d... Listen now
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How to Lower your Energy Bills When Working from Home. A Conversation.

Episode 140 • 16-11-2020
More time spent in the house means more time spent cooking, using the PC, and running the heating. What can we do to keep the bills down whilst making the most of our homes? And... Listen now
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Helping to Publish a Newspaper from the Dining Room Table. Louise Leonard - The Telegraph.

Episode 139 • 13-11-2020
2020 has seen so many jobs go remote unexpectedly, and Louise Leonard's role is no different. She is an operations delivery coordinator at The Telegraph newspaper. So how on ear... Listen now
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What if we Spent One Week Per Month in the Office? Exploring Remote Plus. Abhishek Paul - Kissflow.

Episode 138 • 11-11-2020
Hybrid is the future it seems - everyone spending a bit of time in the office and a bit of time at home. This usually means 2/3 days in the office and the rest working from the... Listen now
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Fancy Packing it in and Going to St Lucia for a Month? Is this Working from Home Holiday Realistic? A Conversation.

Episode 137 • 09-11-2020
Lockdown is back and we've only got a few precious reasons to be out of the house - never mind the country. But one travel group thinks they have the right idea. Does it make se... Listen now
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