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WFH is a daily work from home podcast to help you stay connected, productive, and sane while working remotely.

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How to Build Confidence When Working Remotely. Dale Berning Sawa - Writer and Journalist

Episode 82 • 15-07-2020
The first 18 months of remote working or freelancing can be really tough, both mentally and physically. In this episode we talk again to Dale Berning Sawa about taking care of yourself during that transition period, and building confidence for the future.
WFH Daily

Snow, Savanna, or Space? The World’s Most Remote Jobs.

Episode 81 • 14-07-2020
What are the most remote jobs in the world? And, more importantly, would we do them? In this episode we take a look at jobs in Alaska, Mexico, and a Simulated Version of Mars, to see what real isolation looks like.
WFH Daily

This is WFH Daily

Trailer • 13-07-2020
Stay connected, productive, and sane whilst working remotely. This is WFH daily, the show that brings you insights, stories, and great conversation from the experts and everyday practitioners of remote work.
WFH Daily

Replaced, forgotten, and insecure. Is the Future of Remote Work Going to Suck?

Episode 80 • 13-07-2020
Remote working is here to stay, and that might not be a good thing according to the article we discuss on this episode. Should we see the new remote normal as a blessing or a curse? And yes, we do have opinions on this!
WFH Daily

Should I Wear a Uniform when Working from Home? How Clothes and Music Help us Get Things Done. Dale Berning Sawa - Writer and Journalist.

Episode 79 • 10-07-2020
Uniform or no uniform when working from home? Dress up or dress down? Can I use music to give different sections of my workday a theme? In this episode we talk again to Dale Berning Sawa about the role clothes and music play in our home-work lives, and if there are any hard and fast rul...
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Help us Decide the Future of the Show!

Episode 78 • 09-07-2020
To fill out the survey, go to Your feedback is massively important to us and will impact how we shape the show. Thank you!
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Cooking and Keeping Healthy when Working at Home. Dale Berning Sawa - Writer and Journalist.

Episode 77 • 08-07-2020
Working from home means being within easy reach of the fridge and food cupboards. In this episode we talk to culture and food writer Dale Berning Sawa about cooking great meals quickly and easily, and how to maintain a healthy relationship with the kitchen when stuck within arms reach o...
WFH Daily

How do I stay Connected when Working from Home? How to Take Care of your Back, and some free Entertainment!

Episode 38 • 08-07-2020
How can I feel connected when working remotely? What can I do to take care of my back when sitting at my desk all day? And how, for the love of god, can I see some free shows at the Royal Albert Hall???
WFH Daily

What can we Learn from the Dutch about Remote Working? A Conversation.

Episode 76 • 07-07-2020
The UK and US are getting in the swing of remote working after so many months in lockdown, but what about the country that got a head start on them both? The Dutch are co-working natives, and in this episode Harry and Alex discuss the Netherland's remote work culture.
WFH Daily

Remote Working Q+A, Making a Digital Checklist, and Start your own Pub Quiz

Episode 3 • 07-07-2020
WFH is a daily show to help you stay connected, productive, and sane while working remotely.