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What’s the Office Good for Anyway? A Conversation

Episode 130 • 23-10-2020
When you don't have regular access to the office, it makes you think about what purpose it really serves. In this episode Harry and Alex talk about the four main things that off... Listen now
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What is it Like to go Remote in India? Abhishek Paul - Kissflow

Episode 129 • 21-10-2020
Being a remote worker or running a remote company is a situation that many of us have found ourselves in this year. But what does that look like outside of the UK/ US? In this e... Listen now
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How to Keep the Weekend Special when Working from Home. A Conversation.

Episode 128 • 19-10-2020
Are your days blending together? Ours certainly are. In this episode Harry and Alex talk about the importance of keeping the weekend safe from work, how we can do that, and what... Listen now
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Practical Productivity for Remote Work. Trevor Lohrbeer - Day Optimizer.

Episode 127 • 16-10-2020
The internet is awash with 'productivity gurus', but what we really want are simple practical tools and ways of thinking that will help us shift the work we need to shift, with... Listen now
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How Will They Entice us Back into the Office? A Conversation.

Episode 126 • 14-10-2020
Would these schemes get you back into the office? In this episode we discuss different incentives from companies that are trying to get their employees back into the office - wh... Listen now
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The Best and Worst Cases of Hybrid Remote Working. Christine Ro - Writer and Journalist.

Episode 125 • 12-10-2020
In this episode Harry is talking again to Christine Ro about the future of remote work. This time it's all about the best parts and potential pitfalls of the hybrid remote work ... Listen now
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How to Work Abroad in Europe With the Estonian E-Residency and Nomad Visa Programmes. Ott Vatter - MD of Estonian E-Residency.

Episode 124 • 09-10-2020
As we move in and out of lockdown and face an uncertain year ahead, the urge to get a change of scenery and escape grows stronger. Estonia has a system for moving your business ... Listen now
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Inequality in Remote Work. A Conversation.

Episode 123 • 07-10-2020
Remote working is often talked about as a great leveller - we're all stuck at home just the same as each other, and we've got to make the whole thing work. But remote work means... Listen now
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What is the Remote-Work/ Office-Work Hybrid Going to Look Like? Christine Ro - Writer and Journalist.

Episode 122 • 05-10-2020
It's becoming more and more clear that the offices we return to won't be the same ones we left pre-pandemic. In this episode Harry talks to Christine Ro about what she's learned... Listen now
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Is Remote Work Making us all Feel Like Imposters? A Conversation.

Episode 121 • 02-10-2020
Imposter syndrome is a well-known phenomenon nowadays, and we've all felt it at some point in our professional lives. How has lockdown and remote working and the madness that is... Listen now
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