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VPNs, Encryption, and Passwords - Staying Secure while Working From Home. Jahmel Harris - Digital Interruption.

Episode 120 • 30-09-2020
We obviously know that staying secure whilst online is important, but what specific techniques can we use to guard our data? And what are the tools that will actually help us do that? In this episode, Harry is talking again to Jahmel Harris of Digital Interruption about protecting yours...
WFH Daily

Making Friends, Dating, and Maintaining a Work-Life Balance when Working Remotely and Travelling. Elly Earls - Writer.

Episode 119 • 28-09-2020
How can an introvert make friends and put themselves out there when stranded away from the office, often in countries where you don't even speak the language? In this episode Harry talks again to Elly Earls, a writer and digital nomad, about her personal and work life, and how the two a...
WFH Daily

What Have We Learned While Working Remotely During the Pandemic? A Conversation.

Episode 118 • 25-09-2020
It's been a tough year for most, and it's definitely been a year where we learn more about ourselves. In this episode Harry and Alex talk about the things they've discovered whilst working in this high-pressure time we all find ourselves in. Maybe you've experienced them too?
WFH Daily

Can I Work Abroad Remotely? It Might be More Accessible than you Think. Elly Earls - Writer.

Episode 117 • 23-09-2020
It's not just the freelance and the gap-year students who are working abroad these days. In this episode we talk again to Elly Earls about her experiences as a digital nomad, and the surprising range of people she's met around the world who are working remotely abroad. Full-time, part-t...
WFH Daily

Will we Ever go Back to the Office Full-Time? A Conversation.

Episode 116 • 21-09-2020
We will go back to the office at some point in the near future, if we haven't begun doing so already. But it's clear that things will never quite be the same again. What will this new balance of in-person and remote work work look like? Have a listen and find out!
WFH Daily

How to Avoid Being Hacked at Home when Working Remotely. Jahmel Harris - Digital Interruption.

Episode 115 • 18-09-2020
We've all heard of 'Zoom-Bombing' and we all know not to click on those emails promising you free yachts. But what do we do now that security (usually handled by an IT guy or gal in the office) needs to be in our homes? Harry talks to Jahmel Edwards about Email, video chatting, and the ...
WFH Daily

Barbados or the Baltics? The Countries that Want you to Work Remotely from them. A Conversation.

Episode 114 • 16-09-2020
Working abroad and changing countries every few months can seem an exhausting prospect, but now some countries are asking for foriegn workers to stay for up to a year with new visas. We discuss these programs and ask, why wouldn't you?
WFH Daily

How to Stay Active, Fix Posture, and Stick to your Goals. Dr Emil Goliath.

Episode 113 • 14-09-2020
Staying active and pain-free when working from home can be tricky. It's a life that lends itself to sitting about all day and not getting out much. In this episode Harry talks to Dr Emil Goliath, who specialises in personal health and fitness.
WFH Daily

How to go from working in the Office to on the Beach, The Journey from Nottingham to Nomad. Elly Earls - Writer.

Episode 112 • 11-09-2020
Is it realistic to talk about going from a 9-5 in the office - to working on the beach in some tropical country? In this episode Harry talks to Elly Earls, a writer who did just that. The pair talk about the transition from the office to a 'digital nomad' lifestyle, and how you actuall...
WFH Daily

How do I Improve my Nutrition When Working from Home? Actionable Tips from Dr Emil Goliath.

Episode 111 • 09-09-2020
The fridge is talking to you again. "Come and have a look at this cake", it whispers. What simple things can we do to improve our diets when working from home? In this episode Dr Emil gives us some guidance and some recipes for snacks and meals that we can all use when working from home.