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How to Get a Change of Scenery when Working from Home. A Conversation.

Episode 75 • 06-07-2020
Harry and Alex have been switching things up in their home work spaces. Lockdown has been on for a long time, and staring at the same four walls can get boring and stressful. How can a move to a new flat, or just a re-shuffling of a room, revitalise your home office?
WFH Daily

Remote Team Building, Our Challenge Catch-Up, and Escape Rooms. A Conversation.

Episode 74 • 03-07-2020
Harry and Alex catch up on their virtual walk of Hardian's Wall challenge, and look ahead to the next remote team building event - a virtual escape room.
WFH Daily

How to Work Remotely as a Copywriter. Isobel - Lower Street

Episode 73 • 02-07-2020
What does it mean to work remotely as a copywriter? What does the job entail? And can you force creative work? In this episode we talk to Isobel again, this time about her job and how she gets things done.
WFH Daily

Moving to Italy to Work Remotely, the WFH dream? Isobel’s Story.

Episode 72 • 01-07-2020
We've all thought about it. Heading somewhere with more sun or less noise to do our work. In this episode we talk to Copywriter Isobel Pollard - who did just that. We discuss the how and why of the move, and if it's all lived up to her expectations.
WFH Daily

What WFH Tools are you Missing from your Boss? Are the Youngest Members of the Team the Worst at Using them? Joe O’Halloran - Computer Weekly

Episode 71 • 30-06-2020
What can employers do to better equip their employees for remote working? Are the young guns no good with tech? And what can we expect in the future from companies, now that everyone's had a taste of WFH? We get the answers from Joe O'Halloran, networking editor at Computer Weekly.
WFH Daily

Is Lockdown Making my Internet Slower? How do I Make it Faster and more Reliable? Joe O'Halloran - Networking editor - Computer Weekly

Episode 70 • 29-06-2020
Everyone's using their home internet all the time. Is this making everyone's internet speeds and reliability worse? Today we talk to Joe O'Halloran, a journalist and internet expert, who takes through the why and how of getting good internet at home, and if the UK has been coping with t...
WFH Daily

What do Employers and Employees Really Think About Remote Work? A Conversation.

Episode 69 • 26-06-2020
Everyone's gone remote, but what does your colleague or your boss really think about it? We're looking at data from the World Economic Forum about real experiences and attitudes towards remote working. Some of the conclusions may surprise you...
WFH Daily

How do I Flourish in an Office Job Without an Office? A Conversation.

Episode 68 • 25-06-2020
It's not easy to take an office job and effectively recreate it at home, especially when it comes to feeling seen and appreciated by your co-workers and bosses. Today we discuss an article that provides plenty of strategies and tips to make the most of the new normal.
WFH Daily

Working From Home is About to be a Permanent Fixture in all our Lives. Why? A Conversation.

Episode 67 • 24-06-2020
Is work from home here to stay? Remote working is set to become a permanent part of our professional lives, but why is that? In this episode we discuss the financial and social forces behind this permanent shift.
WFH Daily

Stuck at Home or Forced to Come in, What's the Future of the Office?

Episode 66 • 23-06-2020
Will the return of the office mean a return to business as usual? This article says no, and it raises some very interesting points.