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Virtual Job Interviews and Unexpected Video Call Uses. Ingrid Ødegaard - Whereby

Episode 65 • 22-06-2020
How do you handle your virtual job interview? How do you conduct a virtual job interview? And is it ok to get drunk with colleagues on Zoom? In this episode we talk to Ingrid Ød... Listen now
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How to Beat Loneliness. Loneliness Awareness Week Part 2

Episode 64 • 19-06-2020
How do you beat the feelings of loneliness during lockdown? In the second part of our Loneliness Awareness Week shows, we take a look at practical methods to keep yourself conne... Listen now
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Returning to Work, Shielding Relatives, and Figuring out Childcare. Pip and Harry Walk and Talk

Episode 63 • 18-06-2020
Lockdown is lifting in the UK, and now Harry and Pip have to figure out how to juggle childcare, a return to work, and family members who need to stay in isolation. What to do? Listen now
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Loneliness and Lockdown. How are People Being Affected? Loneliness Awareness Week Part 1

Episode 62 • 17-06-2020
Lockdown has affected all of us in some way, but for many it has been a time when they feel more lonely. In this episode we discuss what's been happening to people stuck at home... Listen now
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What is the Future of Remote work? Will Employee Wellbeing Soar in the new Remote work World? Ingrid Ødegaard - Whereby

Episode 61 • 16-06-2020
A study of 1500 UK business owners and employees has found some really interesting information on the future of remote work, and how it will affect us. Harry talks to the commis... Listen now
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How to Make a Live Show Remotely. James Mulvany -

Episode 60 • 15-06-2020
How do you go live when your guest can't visit? In this episode we talked to James Mulvany of about his Linkedin live show, and how he puts it together on a weekly ba... Listen now
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Creating your own Personal Space, and Juggling Kids with Work. Natalie Jones - Caro Somerset.

Episode 59 • 12-06-2020
Working from home can be hard, especially nowadays when it feels like everyone is living on top of each other. In this episode, Harry talks to Natalie Jones of Caro about workin... Listen now
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How to have productive and secure video meetings with Ingrid Ødegaard, founder of Whereby

Episode 58 • 11-06-2020
Ingrid Ødegaard is the co-founder of Whereby, a video conferencing software based in Oslo, Norway. Harry and Ingird talk about how to make yourself heard on video calls, manspla... Listen now
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Making a Highstreet Shop Survive and Thrive Online. Natalie Jones - Caro Somerset.

Episode 57 • 10-06-2020
Natalie Jones had to make her highstreet shop survive online after the pandemic shut it down. Now she looks back on the changes she had to make to survive, and what the future c... Listen now
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How do you Create Content Remotely? James Mulvany -

Episode 56 • 09-06-2020
How can you make podcasts and videos when you're not able to meet anyone in-person? James Mulvany of has a load of answers, and takes us through how to get the most o... Listen now
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