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Taking Creativity and Collaboration Online, and out of the Office. James Mulvany -

Episode 54 • 05-06-2020
What happens when you take an office full of creative people and lock them all away at home? James Mulvany found out when his businesses went into lockdown thanks to the pandemi... Listen now
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How to Beat Procrastination, Balance Work and Home Life, and the Future of Remote Work. Steve Folland - Doing it for the Kids

Episode 53 • 04-06-2020
Steve Folland, Producer and podcaster extraordinaire, talks to us about procrastination, balancing work and home life, and what the future of the office might be. Listen now
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Furlough Ending with a Toddler at Home- What Do We Do?! Pip and Harry Walk and Talk

Episode 52 • 03-06-2020
Being furloughed with a new child is a challenge, and in this episode Harry and his wife Pip talk through their experiences dealing with a pandemic, whilst learning to parent. F... Listen now
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How to Take Care of your Neck and Posture When Working from Home. A Conversation.

Episode 51 • 02-06-2020
Your posture is really important, but we don't give it the attention it deserves. The home office or desk might not be set up to best take care of our bodes, and in this epsiode... Listen now
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How I Took My Brick-and-Mortar Shop Online During a Pandemic. Natalie Jones - Caro Somerset.

Episode 50 • 01-06-2020
How do you take a brick and mortar shop online during a pandemic? Is that a pivot you can make effectively? Harry talks to Natalie Jones about her experience in taking her shop ... Listen now
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Staying Healthy, Keeping Rested, and Avoiding Comparisons. Lockdown Survival Tips from Louise Deverell-Smith - Daisy Chain.

Episode 49 • 29-05-2020
Harry talks to Louise Deverell-Smith of Daisy Chain about fitness, fatigue, and why you shouldn't compare yourself to others in lockdown. Listen now
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Working from Home with the Kids? Give Yourself A Break. Steve Folland - Doing it For the Kids.

Episode 48 • 28-05-2020
It's OK to not get anything done when your children have the run of the house, says Steve Folland, presenter of 'Doing it for the Kids' podcast. Steve and Harry d... Listen now
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