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How to Lower your Energy Bills When Working from Home. A Conversation.

Episode 140 • 16-11-2020
More time spent in the house means more time spent cooking, using the PC, and running the heating. What can we do to keep the bills down whilst making the most of our homes? And... Listen now
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Helping to Publish a Newspaper from the Dining Room Table. Louise Leonard - The Telegraph.

Episode 139 • 13-11-2020
2020 has seen so many jobs go remote unexpectedly, and Louise Leonard's role is no different. She is an operations delivery coordinator at The Telegraph newspaper. So how on ear... Listen now
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What if we Spent One Week Per Month in the Office? Exploring Remote Plus. Abhishek Paul - Kissflow.

Episode 138 • 11-11-2020
Hybrid is the future it seems - everyone spending a bit of time in the office and a bit of time at home. This usually means 2/3 days in the office and the rest working from the... Listen now
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Fancy Packing it in and Going to St Lucia for a Month? Is this Working from Home Holiday Realistic? A Conversation.

Episode 137 • 09-11-2020
Lockdown is back and we've only got a few precious reasons to be out of the house - never mind the country. But one travel group thinks they have the right idea. Does it make se... Listen now
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The New Measuring Stick for Remote Work. A Conversation

Episode 136 • 06-11-2020
Slack has released a new survey that tells us all sorts of new things about how people are working from home, and how they feel about it. They call it the remote employee experi... Listen now
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We’re Going Back into Lockdown. Here are some tips and stories to help you out. Clare Lovick - Recroot.

Episode 135 • 04-11-2020
We're going back into lockdown for a month as of tomorrow here in the UK, and it's the same in other countries across the world. We talked to Clare Lovick about her experience a... Listen now
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Making School fun and Household Gender Roles Equal Under Lockdown. Dr Michelle Dickinson - Nanogirl Labs.

Episode 134 • 02-11-2020
Juggling education and sharing equally in household chores: two sources of headaches for any family in lockdown. In this episode Alex talks to Dr. Michelle Dickinson about getti... Listen now
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How to Nail the Basics of Productivity and Get Stuff Done. Trevor Lohrbeer - Day Optimizer.

Episode 133 • 30-10-2020
How do I get started on that project I really want to complete? What does it actually take to build momentum and keep it? And what should I put on my to-do list? Productivity se... Listen now
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The Death of the To-Do List? A Conversation

Episode 132 • 28-10-2020
Productivity and productivity hacks are everywhere, but very few make as big of a statement as Nir Eyal's book, which tells us to do away with the to-do list! Certain hosts/ pro... Listen now
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Celebrating Failure and Making Connections while Working Remotely. Dr Michelle Dickinson - Nanogirl Labs.

Episode 131 • 26-10-2020
Going remote and still making people feel included can be really difficult, never mind when you're scattered all over the world! In this episode Alex talks to Dr Michelle Dickin... Listen now
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