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Mental Health and Remote Working - What can we do? Faye McGuinness - MIND

Episode 100 • 14-08-2020
We know how important mental health is in the workplace, but how do we act on that? In this episode Harry talks to Faye McGuinness from mental health charity MIND about staying sane in the midst of Covid.
WFH Daily

Kids, Community, and Compassion - How to Avoid Going it Alone When Remote Freelancing. Frankie Tortora - Doing it for the Kids.

Episode 99 • 12-08-2020
It's been a weird year, and it's been doubly weird and hard for those with kids. In this episode Harry talks to Frankie Tortora about the importance of community and togetherness when remote freelancing - especially in the midst of a pandemic.
WFH Daily

Is the Future of Remote Work Really Going to Suck? Sean Blanda - Crossbeam

Episode 98 • 10-08-2020
You may remember us discussing an article about the negative side of remote work in a recent episode. In this episode we talk to the author of that article to hear more about his vision of the possible negative consequences of a remote work culture.
WFH Daily

Who Won our Competition? Was it you? What’s the Future of the Show? A Conversation.

Episode 97 • 08-08-2020
Did you win our prize for responding to the survey? Tune in and find out on today's show. Also, find out what we're planning for the future of the show, it's all very exciting!
WFH Daily

Starting the Freelance WFH Journey, and Bringing the Watercooler to You. Sian Meades-Williams - Freelance Writer.

Episode 96 • 06-08-2020
How do you become a freelance writer? And how do you connect with other writers and job opportunities once you've left the office? Harry talks to writer and award winning newsletter-er Sian Meades-Williams about her journey and what she's learned along the way going from staff writer to...
WFH Daily

Burnout and Presenteeism - the State of Mental Health in the Workplace. Faye McGuinness - MIND

Episode 95 • 03-08-2020
What's really going on with mental health in the workplace? Harry talks to Faye McGuinness about a study done by MIND into the state of mental health in the workplace, and the pair discuss how remote working and lockdown have affected everyone over the past few months.
WFH Daily

The Next Chapter of WFH Daily.

Episode 86 • 21-07-2020
It's time for an update! New and tasty things are brewing in the WFH kitchen. If you want to get involved ,then please do fill out our survey, it means a huge amount to us! We're taking a break and sprucing up the show. We'll be back soon with new, improved content. BUT in the meantime...
WFH Daily

How to Eat Healthily When Working From Home. A Conversation.

Episode 85 • 20-07-2020
It's mid-morning and already the siren's call of the fridge is luring you in to have another nibble of last night's cake. It's a common experience to find yourself eating more when working from home, and a global pandemic doesn't help things either. In this episode we discuss some techn...
WFH Daily

How Anxiety can Affect Your Focus when Working From Home. A Conversation.

Episode 84 • 17-07-2020
It's not exactly been a stress-free year so far, and that stress can have an effect on your focus. In this episode we take a look at an article on the BBC about memory and anxiety, and the interesting link between the two.
WFH Daily

Did we Know WFH was the Future in 2013? One company did. A Conversation.

Episode 83 • 16-07-2020
The office is dead, apparently. But is this remote working revolution anything new? If we look back to 2013, we find an example of one company that tried large-scale remote working, and discovered many things that we then forgot, and rediscovered during lockdown...