5 Best Internal Communications Podcasts for IC Professionals

Learn from the internal comms community, get actionable advice for your career, and network with your peers by listening to these podcasts

Why listening to podcasts will help your professional development

If you’re one of the 62 million American or 6 million British weekly podcast listeners, then you’ll know how entertaining and addictive they can be. If you’ve ever sat in your driveway for 10 minutes - engine running, car stereo still on - waiting to hear the ending to the latest episode of Reply All or This American Life, you’re not alone.

You’ll also know how much valuable information there is out there for just about any subject (farmhouse cheese-making, for example). And internal comms is no exception.

By subscribing to a few carefully chosen podcasts, you’ll get access to practical, actionable ideas and strategies on a weekly basis, that you can easily implement to further your career in internal comms. It’s an amazing way to learn from internal communications leaders from all over the world.

We live in a dynamic world where information updates as quickly as it is created, and keeping on top of all your industry developments can be time consuming, but not when listened to. Because that’s the beauty of podcasts, they’re portable, flexible, fit around your lifestyle and are created in bitesize chunks to be consumed in the same manner.

So we’ve curated a list of shows worth IC professional’s time.

Common topics discussed on internal communications podcasts

So just what topics can you expect to hear discussed if you tune into an internal communications podcasts? Just about anything, popular topics include:

  • How internal comms is evolving - If you want to stay ahead of the competition, then you have to know where your industry has come from and where it is going to. Understanding what impacts tech developments are having on internal comms, and responding accordingly, will make you stand out as a forward thinker.
  • GDPR (and other regulations) and internal comms - You can’t move these days without running into something GDPR related, and with comms being your job, you should really know how GDPR is affecting, and will affect, all aspects of your work. Some of the podcasts we’ve highlighted here will help you to navigate this thorny issue.
  • Why internal comms is so important - You know why your job is crucial to the successful running of your company, but how many of your colleagues realise just how important giving employees a voice and a means through which they can communicate is?
    How to mix up your internal comms strategy - learn how to create eye catching designs on platforms like Canva, how to use disruption tactics to get your message across on social media or why gamification is going to up the ante, for example.
  • Innovative ways to get to know your colleagues - Who doesn’t want to have a deeper relationship with their team? But sticking with traditional IC methods is not going to successfully engage the new generation entering the workforce. Listening to some of the shows below will keep you on trend and ensure you’re staying relevant.
  • Learn from real-world IC professionals - Industry conferences happen just a few times per year. But by listening to an internal comms podcast you will hear from leading lights in IC from some incredible companies every week.
  • Networking - Podcasts aren’t just passive listening experiences, they’re community hubs. Often podcasts will have accompanying newsletters, Facebook or LinkedIn groups, and other ways to engage with the shows’ producers and other listeners. It’s a great way to play an active part in the IC community and network with peers. Who knows, you could even approach them to be a guest yourself - amazing free PR for your personal brand or business.

So tune in to some of the shows we’ve selected for you below and learn from your industry colleagues!

5 Best internal communication podcasts

Try these 5 on for size and inspiration, you never know where they might take you professionally:

Internal Comms Pro is a community for passionate, curious internal communications leaders who want to raise the value of their work
Internal Comms Pro is a community for passionate, curious internal communications leaders who want to raise the value of their work

1. Internal Comms Procast

The clue is in the name with this one 😀

This one is for internal communications leaders who want to raise the value of their work, share ideas, tools and tactics on engagement.

The guys behind the show are aware of just how busy corporate communicators are and so have strived to bring you tips and tricks to help you achieve more at work and enhance your professional development.

Recent episodes have covered ‘10 trends internal communicators should be watching’ and ‘how to create a great internal comms plan’.

2. Engage For Success - Employee Engagement

Whilst the audio is a little rough around the edges, this British podcast has been running for quite some time and is the podcast to encourage employee engagement.

These guys are committed to the idea that there is a better way to work and it’s a fascinating listen to anyone working in internal comms and wanting to learn how to be better at work.

They transmit their live show every Monday at 5.30pm GMT, for just half an hour, and recent shows have covered the impact listening to employees can have on engagement.

This is the perfect addition to your Monday commute home to get the week off to a productive start.

3. Face Forward - The Inspiring Change Podcast

In Face Forward you can listen to top internal comms execs talking about employee engagement, change and how they see their role as leaders.

Get a taster for Face Forward and listen in now.

If you want to know how Google engages their staff or how Microsoft upskill their leaders in communications, then this is the podcast for you.

Recent guests have included Tom Murphy (Snr Communications Leader at Microsoft) and Helen Tynan (Director of People Operations at Google).

4. The Internal Comms Podcast

The new kid on the block is a British podcast from AB Comms. They believe that internal comms has been relegated to the sidelines for too long and so is finally giving it its time in the spotlight.

Launched in 2019, every other Wednesday Katie Macaulay sits down with thought leaders from across the industry, to elucidate how to improve communications at work.

A recent episode is titled: ‘How to thrive in IC’ with Rachel Miller. Rachel is an ardent blogger, educator and keynote speaker, but most importantly a respected voice in internal communications. She shares her views on the importance of being authentic and where the line is between internal and external comms.

Listen for yourself:

5. Icology

Hosted by Chuck Gose, and back after a hiatus, ICology is a must listen. There is a wealth of value in the back catalogue which is well worth exploring and new episodes have been dropping in 2019.

The show sells itself as the podcast for interesting people doing interesting things in the world of internal communications.

You'll hear insights from some of the top communicators and consultants from around the world, sharing ideas on what makes for great internal communication.

Guests are communications experts and international consultants, including communicators from Verizon, Southwest Airlines, Edelman, Reebok as well as industry experts from Edelman and Gatehouse amongst many. Guests are practitioners as well as influencers, and they know their stuff.

They share ideas about what they think makes for great internal communications; topics range from individual channels such as company intranet and e-signatures, to the bigger picture stuff about employee engagement generally.

Episodes include the aptly titled: ‘6 infuriating things that piss off internal communicators’ and ‘5 questions internal comms should answer before asking for employee feedback’.

They're short and sweet episodes, too, so you can easily fit them in between meetings.

Take a listen here:

Bonus: The Internal Communications Podcast from Happeo

A brand new show from Happeo. It's only at 3 episodes as we write this round up, but it could be well worth following.

Hosted by Jonathan Davies will discuss IC professionals from all around the world.

This episode features Sanjoy Mukherjee-Richardson, former Brexit Communications Lead at Hiscox plc. Have a listen and let us know what you think:

Like this list? Something to add? Let us know what you think!

So there you have it, if you have any other suggestions we would love to hear from you.

If you need any advice on how to create a private podcast feed for internal comms, check out our recent article (link when it’s written). Happy listening!

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