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WFH is a daily show to help you stay connected, productive, and sane while working remotely.

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A Virtual Team Challenge, and Why Should we Journal? A Conversation.

Episode 45 • 25-05-2020
How is our virtual journey along Hadrian's Wall coming along, and is it worth doing for you and your team? What is journalling, and how could it help us when working from home? Listen now
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Doing it For the Kids, Tracking your Projects, and Saying no to Instant Emailing - Steve Folland.

Episode 44 • 22-05-2020
Harry talks to Steve Folland - serial podcaster, multimeda producer, and father. The two discuss working with the kids, how to track your projects and tasks, and why it might be... Listen now
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Working Around the Kids, and the Home/ Work/ Life Balance - Louise Deverell-Smith of Daisy Chain

Episode 43 • 21-05-2020
Harry talks to Louise Deverell-Smith, founder of Daisy Chain, about balancing family, personal space, and work when they're all happening in the same place. Listen now
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How to Document Processes in a Remote Team. What tools do we use?

Episode 42 • 20-05-2020
In this episode we discuss we discuss the tools and techniques that we've been using to document and track our processes as a remote team. How did we choose them? How do we use ... Listen now
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Is Remote Work the Future? What will we do after Lockdown ends?

Episode 41 • 19-05-2020
In this episode, Alex and Harry discuss the easing of lockdown and the future of working from home. Will the world take its lead from Twitter and Bvlgari, and allow employees to... Listen now
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How to Host a Games Night with a Remote Team.

Episode 40 • 18-05-2020
In this episode, we talk about our experience with playing Pictionary with our remote team. How did we do it? Did it work? Will we do it again? Listen now
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Working at Home With the Kids, Staying Connected, and Managing Micro-Managers with Louise Deverell-Smith of The Daisy Chain

Episode 39 • 15-05-2020
Harry connects with Louise Deverell-Smith, founder of Daisy Chain, to talk about working from home with the kids, staying connected, and how to manage your managers whilst worki... Listen now
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Lockdown Exercise Challenge - How to Create Shared Physical Experiences for your Remote Team.

Episode 37 • 13-05-2020
In this episode we catch up on our exercise challenge, compare results, and set a new one that lets multiple people walk, bike, and run towards the same shared goal! Listen now
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We Don't Use Zoom. Why?

Episode 36 • 12-05-2020
Zoom is everywhere, it's become synonymous with video calling. But we've recently steered clear of the ubiquitous app, and found something else that works. In this episode we di... Listen now
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What Communication and Collaboration Tools do we Use? How do we Make the Most of them? A Conversation

Episode 35 • 11-05-2020
In this episode we discuss the communication and collaboration tools that we use at Lower Street, why we chose them, and how we get the most out of them. Listen now
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