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WFH is a daily show to help you stay connected, productive, and sane while working remotely.

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How do you Make Remote Meetings Engaging? Can I Work at a Cafe from Home? And Some Delicious Free Recipes from Jamie Oliver

Episode 24 • 24-04-2020
How do I get everyone engaged in a remote meeting? I miss the buzz of the local Starbucks! I love freebies, but I want mine to be edible... This post outlines some simple and a... Listen now
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Meetings that Make a Difference, Checking in on Email, and How do you Make a Theatre Program at Home?

Episode 23 • 23-04-2020
How do I pace and format my meetings for maximum effectiveness? Can you do your daily check-ins via email rather than vie video call? And how do you make theatre when everyone's... Listen now
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What does an Ideal Day Look Like when Working from Home? A Conversation.

Episode 22 • 22-04-2020
How do you plan a day of remote work? What should I be doing during the day when working from home? Is everyone really meditating, journaling, and getting 8 hours of sleep every... Listen now
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How do you Co-Work and have Team Building Exercises whilst Being Remote? A Conversation.

Episode 21 • 21-04-2020
Can you co-work and build accountability whilst working remotely? What does a social life at work look like when everyone's at home in their pyjamas? We're looking through this... Listen now
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How do you Give Effective Feedback to Remote Employees? A Conversation.

Episode 20 • 20-04-2020
What does effective feedback look like? How does empathy play into the process? and are we overthinking it? We're looking at this article that gives a whole range of ideas on g... Listen now
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Learning to Work from Home, and Why you Should Give yourself a Break from the Productivity Hype. A Conversation

Episode 19 • 17-04-2020
How much attention should I paying to the productivity hype? How long does the transition to working from home take? and will we stay out of the office when life returns to norm... Listen now
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How to Create a Work Environment, Getting up and Getting to Work, and Should we Ditch the Mobile Phone? A Conversation

Episode 18 • 16-04-2020
How do I make a separate work and life area in my home? How do I get up and start working without the commute? and do we need to be using our phones if we're indoors all the tim... Listen now
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Making Live News at Home, When does the Work Day Finish? and free WFH courses!

Episode 17 • 15-04-2020
How do you make a TV news programme from home? How do I make sure the work day has a set end? and how do I learn about managing stress, productivity and more when remote working... Listen now
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Remote work Tips from a 100% Remote Company, How to Stay away from Time-Wasting Websites, and Remote Team Bingo!

Episode 16 • 14-04-2020
What do the work-from-home veterans have to say about remote working? How do I stay off Twitter and on task during the work day? and how do I fill the gaping void in my life lef... Listen now
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Become More Connected whilst Remote Working, WFH Myths, and Team Building when everyone's at Home

Episode 15 • 13-04-2020
How do you connect when everyone's so far apart? What misconceptions do people have about remote working? And what can we do to improve team relations when everyone's squirrelle... Listen now
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