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WFH is a daily work from home podcast to help you stay connected, productive, and sane while working remotely.

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How to Take Care of your Eyes whilst Working from Home, Keeping Focused whilst Saving the Forests, and This Weekend's Best Streaming

Episode 34 • 08-05-2020
How do we keep our eyes safe and healthy when we're spending so much time staring at screens? Can I keep my phone at arms-length, save myself from the distraction, and plant some trees too? And, can I re-capture some of the lost concert and festival experiences from the comfort of my ow...
WFH Daily

How do I stay Productive? A free Standup Meeting Tool, and Some Streams for the Weekend!

Episode 33 • 07-05-2020
What are some actionable tips for staying productive when working from home? How can I conduct daily check-ins on Slack? And how can cut a rug when all the clubs and pubs are closed?
WFH Daily

Staying Active in Isolation, A WFH Fitness Challenge!

Episode 32 • 06-05-2020
Being stuck at home can also mean being stuck in a boring or non-existent exercise routine. What alternatives are out there? Where can I get classes and routines from? And what is calisthenics? We take a look and set ourselves a challenge.
WFH Daily

What is Video Call Fatigue and How do you Deal With it? How do I back Myself up? And What can I do About my Stiff Neck?

Episode 31 • 05-05-2020
Video calling is ubiquitous these days, and it can all be a bit tiring. What's causing it and what can we do to help ourselves out? Backing your data up is super important, how do you do it? Sitting at your desk all day isn't doing your neck any favours, we have a video to help you with...
WFH Daily

Remote Team Building through Shared Experiences. A Conversation (and a challenge!)

Episode 30 • 04-05-2020
We are a fully distributed team, and we're looking for new ways to get together, and to get to know each other. In this episode we discuss different ways of remote team building, and choose one to do ourselves!
WFH Daily

When is it Self-Care, and When is it an Indulgence? A Conversation

Episode 29 • 01-05-2020
Can self-care go too far? Is discipline required to properly take care of yourself? Or are we overthinking this whole thing?
WFH Daily

How do you De-Stress whilst Working from Home? Bringing the sounds of the Forest Indoors, And Some free Theatre!

Episode 28 • 30-04-2020
What are some good tips for busting stress? How can I escape whilst being at my desk? and where can I watch come free plays?
WFH Daily

Self-Development in the midst of Self-Isolation. A Conversation

Episode 27 • 29-04-2020
How do make the most of your free time during this period of lockdown? What hobby would you pick if you were to start one now? And where do you draw the line between work and life?
WFH Daily

How do you Set Work-Life Boundaries at Home? Keeping Track of Team Progress, and Staying Sane as well as Efficient when Working Remotely.

Episode 26 • 28-04-2020
How do I keep work and personal life apart, especially when they share the same space? What can I use to track team progress? and how do I stay efficient AND sane whilst working remotely?
WFH Daily

How to Practice Self-Care Whilst Working at Home. A Conversation

Episode 25 • 27-04-2020
What does self-care actually entail? How do I strike a balance between work and home life? and what is Journaling? We're discussing the points raised by this blog post: